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11/23/2005 5:09 am

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showgirl george of the jungle

not many men write to me at any one time, so if you noticed that i have not been blogging as regularly as i did in the past, don't go dig a hole and get ready to bury me. i ain't dead and i haven't found what i am looking for either. there are always quests and during the quest, adventure is the cover, the core is the redemption and self-salvation, self-realization, self-emancipation and self-recognition.

i hardly capture the attention of AdultFriendFinder mankind simply because the way to my heart is through my mind, as opposed to any "openings" or "outlets" available readily on my body. this is the biggest challenge to men simply because more often not, most are eager beavers who want to please with their anatomy and not fingers. i'd rather be pleased and pleasured with those thick fingers used to type e-mails than to be penetrated silly with those thick penises for a night long passionate sex, at least at the initial stage. sex is like the icing of the cake, if we click well, you've won half the battle and have your cake already. ouch, have i nudged you at the wrong place again?!

let's see what happened today...generally a pleasant day with time trying to kill me instead of the other way round. i wore a pretty light coloured top with my sandals, ahh, so tall and pretty. what a sight. sigh...self praise again?

the weather is much better than the pouring men last night. i came home and decided to type this posting while still feeling light hearted. after all, it's never too good to bottle up all my emotions. as i drove home today, there was this particularly annoying car which had caused me to miss 2 turnings. luckily, i could still manoeuvre my way home. in the car, there were 2 men but since the windows were tinted, i could not check out if those were good looking chaps lost in the quest to find a pretty girl who's just in the car right next to them or just plain idiots who got lost somewhere...

of course there were pedal happy lady drivers, accelerating even when there are 4 cars ahead and the traffic light has just turned red and not amber. then they slam so hard on the brakes that if you were a man in that position, wouldn't you love it to have such sudden rush of traffic stopping orgasmic slamming onto your face? yes, i saw those kind of drivers today. nevertheless there were eager beavers on their two wheeled vehicle (read as motorcyle) trying to snake in and out in every noon and corner available that has officially made the road terror kings. imagine their euphoria when cars would stop or slow down to give way these kings of the road...let me tell that i would not hesitate to run them down if they cross my path, stupid beckons, death reckons. as simple as that. fools don't live long and the objects at stake for road stupidity is a mangled machine next to a messed up corpse.

thank god i had a safe drive home though traffic was horrendous even without the downpour. i had some favourite songs playing in the background and that helped soothed my raging soul.

as i was driving home, my mind wandered...and i thought of my sexual fantasy. i have never been a gret fan of karaoke but i did join my friends during my university days for those kind of amateur croaking sessions like frogs chanting for rain or some sort. i can hardly sing but it depends on the song selections. i have several favourite chinese songs but because i am illiterate, i don't know of the lyrics, like a bee that lost the lyrics, i hum instead. what joy?

my fantasy...well, i have always been fascinated by glittery items, like a moth attracted to light and shine, like a woman attracted to glitter and shine. in my fantasy that ran wild in my head earlier this evening, i would love to put on my showgirl costume made out of glittery material such as sequins and beads. it could be a one piece item or two piece, i.e. brassiere and thong. i'd perform a dance for my partner or we could dance together to a slow song or any upbeat song. if there's a pole, perhaps i should do a pole dance but i have the slightest idea on how to perform a pole dance and no dancing school would offer such classes i guess.

in the room, there must be spotlights of various colours and tones as well as a disco ball. the disco ball is more like a mirror ball that when it rotates will cause reflections across the room. ahh, such beautiful combination with the spotlights...then i'll get into action. of course, it'd be great to have wine ready for me to sip when i am thirsty alongside with peaches. peaches and red wine go well together apparently though i have only tried such fusion once and yet, the taste remained so vividly in my mind and taste buds till today (i only tried red wine with peaches, not with my sexual fantasy materialzing).

i'll dance and then sing karaoke when i am stoned enough to not be sober...then i can let loose and dance my body away. of course, i won't want to be dead drunk, then i won't enjoy my sexual fantasy. alcoholism influence should be just enough to loosen me up and not overtake me. i have always wanted to sing my heart out, regardless i know the lyrics or not, whether the tune is right or simply out of tune. but then again, to release such pent up frustration needs me to be slightly not so sober, otherwise i'd be too self conscious. when i go clubbing i hardly dance and i am most likely the one to stay behind to look after my girl friends' handbags and drinks and belongings...reason? i drink but cautiously, i know when to stop when i am about to trade sanity for insanity, sober to drunk is a clear line well defined and drawn by my sensible self.

since i have always liked glittery items but would not be caught dead in one in broad daylight or anytime as long as i am breathing, the only way to put on such item would be behind doors and without an audience, there is no thrill really...and i find it very sensual and sexy to role play as such because from outside, i seem like a decent and possibly dorky finance geek but hey, i am a gemini lady

welcome to my world

Kent641 55M/48F

11/23/2005 7:17 am

hi george, me again. guess, always keeping an eyes on your post. dont know why, but must be FATE. believe that? but george, its mild. and fool am i? under the banner couple. cant change that no more. george, few days pass,you grow fast. real fast.your age is not that tender after all. yeap, you got a passion for cars. like to read more about things you will write on cars. gearbox, etc,etc,etc. anyway, fun reading your post. have a nice day. best wishes kent

georgina666 36F

11/24/2005 2:58 am


well, i grow fast and age equally, if not more, fast too. that's the beauty of my nature...


it is very true that the mind can perform wonders...if you can penetrate someone's mind, the rest should be easy. is sex not about mind games? orgasm and pleasure, where did that come from? certainly not from the act alone

Kent641 55M/48F

11/24/2005 4:31 am

okay...curious george...when is your next post? seem to got an answer for everything (almost). me in AdultFriendFinder? me online often. me trying so hard to find swinging time here. ooop, excuse me.( i mean pass my time) or maybe...just might want to be george II. best wishes kent

eternal1969 47M
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11/24/2005 6:37 am

You know George, this post reminded me of my night outs during my varsity days and my early working years. My gang of nutty gals and guys will be out partying and getting ourselves high on drinks. As the night draws on we would be on the platforms and all over each other doing dirty dancing... god it felt great then. These days we drink and still stay absolutely sober... what a bore

rm_TopsyTurvy69 52M
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11/24/2005 11:22 pm

chuckle chuckle chuckle.

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