sex on the office table for you and me?  

georgina666 36F
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11/25/2005 3:46 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

sex on the office table for you and me?

it was a breeze to drive home today, presumably a thank god it's friday and i had the chance to please my eyes with an eye candy cruising on the streets. it was a mazda rx8 in red sauntering down streets while gracing the event of homecoming pigeons like the car, though with slightly tinted windows, i managed to sneak a peek of the driver and his passenger. for one thing, i took more than one glance because the one next to the driver is not a female passenger

from afar, what intrigued me was the fact that these two young gentlemen were visibly so well dressed. yes, you must have thought that i possess a remarkable eyesight for being able to drive and gawk at the same time while making out the details of the car passengers so well. told you i am an observant and incisive person right?

these two fine young men looked deliciously good for a date actually. frankly, it's been eons since i last ogle at men as such. how shameful that i let my alter ego rear her ugly head today. but what they, it's thank god friday is it not?

while at a traffic light stop, their car was in the next lane next to my car. of course, i had the skills and decency so as not to make it so obvious that i was on the look out for them, apart from the beautiful car of course. if it was broad daylight when the sun is shining high up on my butt, i would not hesitate to put on my turtleshell shades just to provide a camouflage for my eyes. however, these two men caught my eyes when evening was approaching where mr sun seems to be heading off to the west for sunset, not sunrise. it would look rather silly to still have shades on when the sun is clearly making a move to the west.

when the lights turned green, somehow their car's pick up rate was a little disappointing, hence i was ahead of them. but they caught up with me, or rather swerved into the third lane pretty quickly while i was still vigilant on the left lane. for once, apart from my usual terrorizing driving skills, i stepped on the accelerator just so that i can get a good glimpse of those chaps and their precious lady in red of course. that speed was satisfying though i must admit that normally even when i speed, my heart hardly skip a beat or two. of course, yesterday a little bit of speed nearly ruined my evening because i feared that the camera would snap the photo of my car's rear as i barely make it through the red light. but to speed up just to take a second look at some guys? hmm...this takes the cake thus far

i put on a skirt to work today, just to remind me constantly that i am a female and i should appreciate that i possess the x factor. however, as i look into my own reflection on the glass panes, i felt as though i had put on someone else's bottom half to work today...somehow my hips was not accentuated in the skirt that i had wore, goody!

AdultFriendFinder has recently added more questionaire for members to answer, as a bid to let those viewing a member's profile get to know the person's wildest fantasies i guess. i came across a few people who indicated that they'd love to make love on their work desk. as erotic as it may sound, but the table is rather hard and small for two people to roll around i guess...nonetheless it's still a great idea, imagine being able to orgasm on that very piece of table that had you cried in anguish trying to figure your way to accomplishing your daily tasks.

surely it would be great to be able to make out while in those office attires, you in a long sleeve shirt, pants and tie while i in a skirt and button up shirt. as the evening progress, we might consider drinking some wine before proceeding with our hanky panky acts

i find the thoughts of a man still in his suit and tie slipping his hands under my skirt trying to find the wet spot that'll hit the spot very erotic. it's like searching for the hole to plug in your tool of pleasure that allow me to emit light once turned on. alternatively, hiking up the skirt to reveal a longing and yearning anatomy is also desirable and erotic. penetration with clothes still on but the innerwear stripped off makes my mind run wild actually. this way, the act need not be a messy one with either one leaving behind his or her belongings. would it not be great to orgasm and cum with your man in his tie and your woman is her stockings? i find it erotic to be able to cling to my man, stroking his back by gently running down my fingers on his shirt. as the heat is turned on, i can play with his tie while he can start to unbutton my shirt to reveal erected nipples under my bra, never mind my boobs are just a handful.

i personally like to be in semi nude when making out with my companion, for odd reasons. it's like a peekaboo session, you see the essential and erotic parts partially, while knowing very well that the rest of the unseen is dying to be seen and carressed...

try to imagine this, as you lift my legs to achieve a deeper and better penetration, would it not be great to be able to see my high heels still on, hung across your neck or shoulders? when we're done with our private game, we can button up and tuck in, then leave for dinner at somewhere nice and cosy where we will have all the privacy in the world to dicsuss about our naughty intimate act while feeding on very sensual food like pasta in virgin olive oil? oh come on, let your imagination run wild with me. indeed, it's a rare occassion that you'll see me write this sort of fantasies, but nonetheless it's good if you can follow my thoughts and words closely.

but as much as i can imagine having such office sexual fantasies, it's hard to remain smelling fresh like a just showered baby or dew dipped flower after a long day at work. i don't carry and lug my accounts ledgers of course and while being incubated in the freezing artic like office, i hardly have a bead of sweat to form on my skin...but i still prefer to present myself clean and fresh smelling before attempting any intimate acts. i don't discount the possibility of some men adoring the pheromones of a working girl, the sexier and more appealing the woman would be and the raunchier the session would be due to raging hormones. men dislike the cat smelling like a dead rat, this is a universal truth teachers or parents or encyclopaedias never taught us

having said all of the above, work would never be the same anymore for the very same table that you presented your work on was the very table that you presented your woman on. and to think of every moan and cry that she lets out as you try hard to work on the very same surface that was stained with the both of your love fluids? hmm, who can resist the temptation of having to work till late night beckons? a secret only you and i know...

Kent641 55M/48F

11/25/2005 8:18 am

hello georgina, you have been writing since mid of this month. been following your post regularly. oh....this post have so much steam.what next? ahhh....this word CURIOUS is so often mention this past few days. i have to use it again. since your boob is just a handful...i can imagine that. but from your previous state...your boob dont face each other...1 face east and 1 face west? havent seen this kind before. i mean east west boob. hehehehehe hope this dont sound silly. any comment? thank-you for writing topic about motoring. i will be on the watchout for a secret admirer at traffic junction.(yes,i live far far away but i go there often. just is so hot there). and again,before anything i have to repaint(spray) my car. red or sporty yellow. which you prefer? your recommendation? if any? okay george, cant give too much compliment or you might think i am a nerd(i spell that right or use it correctly) have a nice weekend. ciao kent

eternal1969 47M
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11/25/2005 8:28 am

Now I know why you don't write anything erotic.... hehe coz you are definitely top of your class when you get down to it damn I about nearly wanted to go back to my office to live out your fantasies
I could have guess you were in the mood from your posting at my blog *wink

And yes, I could definitely want to give you a helping hand

Kent641 55M/48F

11/25/2005 7:32 pm

hello george, sat. here and suppose to go out to hook some tenggiri(if there's any) for a meal. but, up the sky. god is playing no tenggiri meal today.sitting in front of my(the thing that change my lives forever and actually cant live without it)pc. so eager to wait for the next playgeorge edition to arrive. george. do i need a mask for the coming post? smoke everywhere, after reading this. kent

rm_kingzts 39M
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11/27/2005 8:10 pm

i like the idea of having sex on working table...

i hv a working table in my office! and i did it twice! it was exciting, coz i was a bit nervous of getting caught by my other colleagues! anyway, it was a lot of fun!

wan to visit my office georgina? haha...!

rm_charmeur_ffm 46M
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4/4/2007 5:57 am

Their loves, also I had a hot experience in the office. With pleasure I tell to you about it. Please, mine excuses bad in English, unfortunately, I do not have so much practise in the English Gramatik, because I live in Germany. Now, however, my experience with Silvia.
Actually, I had from women for the moment the nose fully, after my friend had separated from me. But often it comes just, nevertheless, differently than one thinks! I had sunk just into thoughts when suddenly the phone rang. It was Silvia, a common friend of me and my friend. " Have you maybe to go past desire with me in the office, on a glass of wine? Nevertheless, a little distraction cannot damage, or? "

Two hours later Silvia with a clinging short dress opened the door to her office. She was by profession a personal secretary in a middle-class enterprise. I knew them already since longer time. Because I was spoken for till recently, it has never come between us to more. However, in this evening this should change. After we had drunk some glasses of wine, we slided more and more narrowly on her sofa together. She was years older some than me and had a buxom figure with nice thick breasts. Bit by bit it became quite narrow in my trousers. Silvia had probably noted for a long time that my thick pipe stood out by my narrow Jeans. " So, now, nevertheless, it is quite too late to go still home. If you want, you can spend the night at me ", she suggested. First I hesitated a little, then, however, accepts. This seemed to have been for the cool Sylvia the start signal. Now she caught to me more and more to provoke.

Suddenly I noted how her hand pottered about in my meanwhile bulging piston. She started to massage my thick after the length. Besides, she pressed to me her big breasts directly in the face. Now we both became more and more disinhibited. I started to open her blouse, after a little while her bra. Then her thick tits were exposed. Now Silvia became wilder and wilder. She had to open no inhibitions the rice fastener of my trousers. To me became almost dizzy when she took my bulging hammer in her mouth and with her ingenious wind movements began ...

" In such a way, I believe now we go sometimes in the direction of desk. Now I properly want to feel you! ", she breathed enticing. With highly raised, heavy device I started to penetrate shortly after into her carefully shaven already quite humid fissure. " Yes, this is cool! Push properly in me purely! ", she squealed. Pitilessly and hard like steel I hammered with my hard stick in them purely. She spread the legs as far as possible to get so much place the faster and faster bumping piston as possible. " Oh yes, I amount! Only do not stop now! " if she groaned. I hammered my pipe with unabated strength in her wet dear cave. With every push we both felt that the explosion briefly approached. Then a nothing but shout indicated that it had satisfied herself properly. I rammed my hammer still for a while into her wet hole, then could not be reserved also I any more longer. I attached my thick limb before her juicy breasts. She gave a loud groan according to when I distributed the whole blessing on her heavy pugs. Indeed, the last load was not used up in this evening still long. Briefly after we had recovered a little, it already went in the next round.

Yes, this was already a really cool evening. We still met for a while to occasional sex meetings in her office. Then, unfortunately, then was finished with it. I still think back with pleasure to the limitless lecherousness of Silvia. Time see, maybe I call them, nevertheless, sometimes again....

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