searching for the torchlight  

georgina666 36F
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7/27/2005 5:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

searching for the torchlight

this writer's block is getting on my nerves as the days progress and my situation is not improving. if i am a woman, i feel like i am having pre-menstrual syndrome. if i am a man, i feel like i am having erectile dysfunction.

needless to say, i must be feeling very ugly for a few weeks already since i have mentioned that i always feel prettiest when writing. truth betold, i am not entirely blank when it comes to writing because i can type till the cows come home. however, as a person in general, i believe each of us set a standard regardless of what we do. hence, imagine my agony when i feel like writing and yet the end result is not something desirable or comprehensible for that matter of fact. i am trying to be a good blogland civilian, playing by the rules and thus far, i think i have committed several crimes, i.e. posting bore-you-to-death and ramble-and-rattle-mindlessly entries.

i don't aspire to be ernest hemingway but i am close enough to be earnest all'd'way. i have realized that most of my writing ideas usually approach me when i am in the midst of working. it is hard to sustain the essence of those brilliant ideas when they go hell-for-leather and i am not in a position where i can leave my work aside to tend to my write that is. this was precisely why i suddenly reconsider my career option. do i really get the kick out of fiddling with numbers and playing with accounts?

sometimes when i am so engrossed in trying to reconcile the broken relationship between the figures, my mind begins to wander to caress the apt words and conjure brilliant analogues instead. on and off, i find myself being AWOL from the journals and worksheets spread so wide before me but has little effect to arouse my inner passion for them. to me, those are mere figures where money is not money, wealth is not wealth. at the end of it all, money and wealth set sail in the very same boat built by numbers. where numbers and figures are dry, words and thoughts are wet and tantalizing that i would love to strip them bare and transform them into masterpiece of the naked truth.

people say that action speaks louder than words. i choose to think that this overly used cliche is but a cliche. words speak of unheard rage, unseen hatred, unfelt longing...words can slice through your steel heart and diamond soul irregardless whether the person is present. meanwhile action can only take place in the presence of another person. simply put, words can create presence even in the form of an e-mail or text message. being in action render the person to be present, so his/her presence goes without saying. but having an inquisitive mind, i cannot resist slapping myself in the face when i continue with this argument of mine, playing devil's advocate that is...

this is the "chicken or egg comes first" question because does action comes before or after words? or the sequence is on a case to case basis? words get translated into actions but actions get words spoken. by saying "i love you", it gets translated into an act of love. by acting "i love you", it gets spoken into words of love.

having said all that, do i remind you of a child with her legs twisted in a funny way because she was curious to know how else her knees could bend?

rm_TopsyTurvy69 52M
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7/28/2005 1:57 am

Not bad 4 a writer's block that produced 3 blog postings in 2 days, where can i get some of that? ...No need, i could feel my own floodgate opening.

I have no answer to your rhetorical Q about words n actions, all i know is dat George is back in action.

The child is TWISTED alright, the funniest thing about her is the way she insist on relying on her own writing to feel beautiful. She's funny to me that way.

georgina666 36F

7/28/2005 5:43 am

when writing, it is when i can fully unleash my "potential" turns me on to be able to produce a piece of wonderfully written article with just the right words and touch that it'll ever need to appeal to the readers.

on my own, with the human touch that i possess, i don't seem to be able to feel the same when i am writing. i am not weird by nature, it's just that i have a different view of things...and yes, i am funny. totally agreed!

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