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12/18/2005 1:31 am

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que sera sera

it was a lazy sunday for me. i woke up late despite hopping into bed pretty early last night. sleep has always been one of the most sought after commodities for me actually ever since i started school as a kid. there were claims that over sleeping will lead to a shorter life span or overweight. these claims were unproven or even if one British scientist with his independent one man show research proves that over sleeping causes obesity, another bunch of German scientists would set out to prove that British man wrong.

understanding the importance of beauty sleep needs no rocket science. sleep deficiency leads to a lot of ailments in our body system and sometimes causes violent mood swings too, like in the case of yours truly when i don't get enough sleep. generally, i am not a morning person since i am particularly susceptible to uncalled for lashings or pretty daft acts when the sun shines early morning.

i am no scientist though i did aspire to grow up and be one when i was much younger. back in those days, year after year as we're growing up under the nonsensical curriculum syllabus in school, our form mistress will always ask us to name our top three choices of ambitions. mine would hardly vary over the years, it's usually in the sequence of policeman, fireman and nurse or teacher, soldier and doctor or policeman, teacher and doctor.

in those good old days, there were not much brouhaha over politically correct terms and women those days were more contented with having a family life career of their own than to fight for equality. neither did i pause to visualize or imagine myself directing the traffic in my traffic policeman uniform or carry M-16 and defend my country torn in war! of course, in my penultimate year of studies in primary school, the list had somewhat changed drastically. from public serving occupations, my ambition had shifted its earning capacity paradigm to those that draws multi digit paycheque.

when i turned 12, i had decided that i wanted to be a scientist, diplomat or doctor instead. hence, i pursued science stream in high school and sat for O-Levels and A-Levels in that field of studies. i am keen to pursue my studies in science based environment but learnt too soon or rather too late at the tender age of 19 that science may be my interest of studies but not the best field for me to excel in. as i further set sail into the tertiary education tunnel, i found myself drawn to arts based courses instead. so, as a gemini, it is very true that i am constantly craving for intellectual revolution. mind you, it was not easy switching to arts based courses when all my life in high school was spent conducting explosive chemistry experiments, dissecting frogs and mice for biology classes and plotting graphs while observing the velocity and centrifugal force of the pendulum in physics lessons.

i still wanted to be a diplomat because i have always had a preference and liking for traveling. fine, that's a shallow association with the role and function of a diplomat...but i lived through my teeny bopper days as a pipsqueak boy band freak. soon enough my enthusiasm and eagerness bubbles was burst when i realized that only specific kind of people in my country would be deemed suitable as the ambassador of our country, the type that'll be the epitome of a true malaysian thoroughbreed. well, the thing is, some people of my kind would jump at the opportunity to work abroad and possibly subsequently reside there as well due to some invisible double standard treatment here. it's somewhere in the fine prints of the constitution where we are not to question the special priviledge of some kind of people.

though packing up and leave might prove to be an impossible feat at the moment, nonetheless i would grab any opportunities presented to go traveling instead. i love the feeling of forgetting who i am in a foreign land just for a few days. it's nice to walk among the crowd and just enjoy the flow of life in a strange land...it's the feeling of liberation from my true self and identity and every trip abroad always render me with a great sense of satisfaction. traveling helps broaden my horizons and it's marvellous to experience the joy of seeing the other part of the world.

enough about packing and traveling, i am now going off to pack my handbag for work tomorrow instead

rm_inappropos 41M

12/18/2005 9:51 pm

ah sleep the best time of the day time to let body rest and the wander cant get enough of it . well i guess being a gemini really does reflect your character then .hmm maybe i should start to take a closer look at my own star sign as well . as for some type of people jumping at the chance to work abroad and possibly subsequently reside , well the grass is always greener on the other side.

georgina666 36F

12/19/2005 3:02 am

hiya inappropos,
yeah, take some time to refleft on you horoscope and you might just get to know yourself better in the process...

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