is it raining men?  

georgina666 36F
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11/22/2005 4:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

is it raining men?

i felt sluggish and groggy today, just like a swamp thing walking around the streets terrorizing those who cross my path.

it's fast approaching the end of this year and as much as i want to sit down and reflect on what i have done, achieved and acquired this year, i still have not got enough courage and strength to do so. well, could be due to the paranoia and fear that my tiny piece of paper would be barely filled with any commendable deeds at all.

i admit that in the course of work, i am hasty and impatient hence i get very anxious and agitated...

someone left a note saying that more often than not, even our career is beyond our control. i agree to a certain extent though all this while i have been deceiving myself consciously that indeed if i go the extra mile and work hard enough, i'll get somewhere in life. nonetheless i see some people flitting about effortlessly from flower to flower while having absolutely nothing much to do and yet hold some high ranking positions. you suspect that i am being a green eyed monster? hmm, just for the record, a lot of other people are gossiping away and the grapevine does speak some truth because those criticized people honestly have more time in their hands than any 10 of us worker ants' free time combined.

am i still young? funny, perhaps i am an old woman stuck in a youngster's body? there's more to life than to brood and sulk...very true. i am avoiding those 2 like a plague and tried to be as happy as i can most of the time. ladies and gentlemen, read that as i am stoned and drugged most of the time then...

if you see me in person, very likely you'd not believe that behind that facade is the person who wrote all these in her blog. at a glance, you might even think that what is a finance dweeb like me doing here, boring the rest of the voracious in union? like i said, i am human too and i am interested in sex. but then, where's the thrill when you can finally put a face to george of the jungle? fine, you think i am playing hide and seek with you but i am not.

it's pouring out there again, sigh, what "fantastic" weather, dark and wet. let me go see if it's raining men...

Kent641 55M/48F

11/23/2005 4:46 am

lol. you are funny. ok george, time to swing. where? UP GUNUNG TAHAN. whole lot of fun there k, with you? best wishes kent

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