i am writing because...  

georgina666 36F
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9/7/2005 6:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

i am writing because...

like i said, i had a terrible day at work. the stress was so immense and unbearable. immediately after i ended my teleconversation, as soon as the receiver was being put down, i quickly opened a Word worksheet and started typing the below;

i am writing because i am so upset with some people, i am writing because i am trying to hold back my tears of frustrations, i am writing because i am so pissed off that i might want to pee in my pants, i am writing because i feel so at lost, i am writing because i am at my wit's end, i am writing because i have no other avenue, i am writing because at work, there are no true friends, i am writing because i am feeling low in spirits, i am writing to share my sorrow with you, i am writing because i feel so low, i am writing because i feel so deflated, i am writing because it is a good form of anger management, i am writing because i am feeling so disheartened, i am writing because i spent some good 10 minutes barking on the phone, i am writing because i want to stop barking and be human, i am writing because it is my way to express my deepest emotions, i am writing to keep my arm and fingers occupied lest i slam the phone or break some bones or smash someone's face, i am writing to maintain my sanity, i am writing to let go of the bottled and vent up anger, i am writing because all i want to do now is to write, i am writing because i want to cheer myself up, i am writing because i feel that i am in the wrong line of work, i am writing to release my communication vibes, i am writing because i am simply very upset....

it is never my style to break down and cry like a damsel in distress or lost puppy, but today, i was close to doing that. despite being the iron lady who rules and guards her work ground with iron fist, i am so defeated emotionally today simply because i felt that no matter how hard i try, people are not bothered. in turn i get an array of fresh lame excuses every day. "i am busy", "i have other duties", "i don't get what you want", "what telex?! i received none!", "the person in charge is away/on leave", "you are speaking french to me, cheri"...

a colleague told me over the phone that i am using too many jargons and my lingo cannot be comprehended. the straw that broke the camel's back was "honey, you sound like you're speaking in french to me". i answered "well, kind sir, i speak no french for my forte lies in baffling you in greek. i'd say, for the betterment of your days ahead, you ought to learn speak my lingo".

fair enough.

eternal1969 47M
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9/7/2005 10:40 am

Go for a good massage.... close your eyes and leave your body to the good hands of the masseuse to relax and clear your anger away

rm_TopsyTurvy69 52M
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9/9/2005 2:10 am

Mayb should delete de last two words, out of context.

georgina666 36F

9/9/2005 6:11 am

massage...never tried that before though i see a lot of people trying reflexology at the local malls. the foot massage is done in the open, with thin curtains separating the public and you.

last two words, in the name of my egoistical self, i had to use that as a finale just to justify my point. sigh, alter ego rearing her ugly head...

rm_Firejoe8 36M
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9/10/2005 1:09 pm

icecream georgina...icecream.....think of those big chunky icecreams !!!

georgina666 36F

9/11/2005 3:46 am


ice cream to soothe the raging infernal? sounds good...but once i start, i cannot stop. are you coming to drag me out of the ice cream parlour? or will you bail me out of kajang prison and then take me for kajang satay?

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