how many dicks are there in AFF?  

georgina666 36F
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1/6/2006 6:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

how many dicks are there in AFF?

if i run through a search for eligible men here in AdultFriendFinder, i wonder how many profiles would be shown with pictures of male anatomies staring at me for the likes of my eyes?

bald, bushy, thick, stout, long, short, straight, bent...i think you name it, they've got it. after all, we're talking about mr happy from all continents, so there's bound to be a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

i find it funny because sometimes i get messages from a male with a picture of his anatomy staring at me in the eyes. then i ask myself, hmm, what's so special about this picture? perhaps it's like a sneak preview, hence it creates an erotic atmosphere somehow even before we have met?

i don't get aroused by pictures of male anatomies per se, but it's an interesting to watch how mr happy can strike a pose from various angles. i guess that's the magic of the family jewel that is hidden in the underpants half the time. it's somewhat like a phantom menace. you know why? it's there but hidden by layers of clothing and is especially prominent when some men wear jeans and somehow "parked" his mr happy wrongly.

sometimes it's obscene really...but the same goes for breasts and cleavage too peeking from camisole tops or low cut tops. so that's a tie score there.

there has always been this on going talk about size matters and that it affects the performance of the male. this is a very subjective issue but as long as there is chemistry, even oral sex can feel as good as sex. oh yes, i stand corrected

read that if men do not release the sperms produced, it'll cause discomfort and frustration in them. scientifically, it makes sense because sex is after all a part of body needs. don't ask me my point of the above statement. go have all the sex that you want but make sure you practise safe sex for the sake of your partner and yourself.

rm_ariffjahat 33M
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1/7/2006 1:38 pm


i'm impress with the way you really could write you know.are you a magazine column writer or something?just asking.

oh sorry.usually people would say "hi" and introduce themself to someone who is a stranger to them.Hi.i'm a stranger.well i'm not good am i at introducing myself.

sorry if by mistake i somehow make you pissed off.i really didn't mean it.i just want to compliment you on your writing.its really good.i just love to read whats on a women's mind.

well.have a nice day.

rm_inappropos 41M

1/7/2006 9:18 pm

the short answer is too many , enough to traumatise a guy looking at them . breasts and cleavage's can probably be shown in tasteful way but very hard for me to imagine a dick shownt artfully . that could just be a guys opinion .

californiatwist2 60M

1/8/2006 6:53 pm

There is a lot of dicks on here and there is alot of pussy and tits on here to.
It is all okay though because it is a adult site.
I find that alot of women will show only one part because the rest is not cool

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