happy days ahead  

georgina666 36F
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8/8/2005 7:14 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

happy days ahead

if you've been reading my blog for the past few weeks, i suppose you'd think that i am one real depressed goner. well, since i practically have a huge "depressed" plastered across my forehead, it really goes without saying that most of my living and waking hours would be spent whining and complaining if not wallowing in self pity or crying over spilled milk.

last week had been a busy week for me and this week will be busier still compared to the last. i am finally graduating for good and i am really looking forward to my convocation ceremony. this is another one of those once in a lifetime kind of event though i can very well pursue my MBA and attend the convocation ceremony again. however, the first time always bears more significance and novelty compared to the second or third time...

same goes for sex, really. the first time may not be a very comfortable one for the girl or guy because neither may have the experience. however, it remains the most significant part to a girl because that would be the first time and last time she would ever lose her virginity. this first time is second to none unless she gets her hymen reconstructed through surgery but that would be artificial already. in the 21st century, most female might not even have their hymen intact due to sports and other outdoor activities.

in my point of view, virginity should not longer be defined as the bleeding process during the first sexual intercourse as a sign that her hymen is still intact, hence she is a virgin. rather, virginity should be captured within the realm of the first ever penetration. i think this would make more sense. imagine young girls who attend ballet or gymnastic lessons having to perform the split, it may be inevitable to have torn their hymen since young.

not sure why i would suddenly relate the significance of my first convocation with the significance that of a first sexual intercourse...am i delirious or horny? hmm...but admit it, the first time would always be the most memorable one, regardless good or bad.

anyhow, back to what i was saying about my preparation for my graduation. all is almost finalized and i'll finally get to take my family for a studio family portrait. it feels good that the day that i have been waiting for is coming really soon that i am beginning to feel the butterflies in my tummy ahead of the event.

i am planning how to arrange for different shots to be taken and that's very exciting! i have somehow managed to compartmentalize my mind so that i can safely tuck my worries and stress at work in a well hidden dark corner of my mind until my convocation is over. guess that will do some good and justice to the zits, just to keep them at bay until my grand day comes and goes.

3 years of not exactly filled with hard work and sweat is finally over and my efforts will finally bear some fruits in the form of my graduation, my career, and maybe my paycheque.

while my mood may be like a pendulum swinging from one end to another, it really depends on the direction of the 360 degrees swing...admittedly not everyday is filled with bliss and joy. obviously, i am also not sleeping on a bed of cactus every now and then though i seem to be giving a lot of people that impression.

of late, i have bought 3 more pairs of new shoes to wear to work and that really feels good. if there is a way that can instantly cheer me up, it has to be a pair of new shoes. i love those high heel pointed ones, those are lovely and i have the height to match but there are times i ended up towering over many men. as a result, i appeared to have made dwarfs out of them while being a giant myself...ahh, bothers. i cannot help it if i have the dominant height genes, can i?

i guess my next shopping adventure would be lingerie. only the other day i heard on the radio of a discussion pertaining to matching innerwear. i personally do not wear matching innerwear because sometimes the combination is not right. sometimes, the matching underwear does not complement the pants or vice versa. i'd rather mix and match...but what caught my attention and made me laughed in the car when i heard the topic being discussed was a listener's opinion and suggestion.

apparently, due to the old school of thoughts, women should really wear decent and nice innerwear and not those torn or tattered ones. you never know when luck runs out and an accident occurs, imagine how embarrasing it would be to be opened up only to expose those granny waist high panties or prepubescent non underwired bra? i remember telling my friends the same theory about wearing nice and clean innerwear when i go out just in case the handsome doctor on duty has to open me up...and my friends would burst into loud roars, rolling eyes in disbelieve that someone like me would have thought of such ideas. that was about 8 years ago and i can still remember the good laugh we had as i shared my deepest thought about innerwear. mind you, even since young, i was a fear not, fret not come what may heroine. so it simply baffled my friends why i would thought of making a good impression with the doctor, who might not even be young and handsome, when i am hospitalized with life hanging by the thread?!

hence, when i heard the same suggestion or opinion on the radio the other day, it brought back memories and i just knew that i was right all along- wear nice, clean and crisp innerwear, never mind if they are the boring and plain ones. ahh, which somehow confirmed my suspicion that i had started being intellectual since at a young age, and always thinking and acting beyond my age.

ckwong38 49M

8/8/2005 10:05 pm

u've got a very good point there about innerwear 'cos u'll never know when u'll meet ur first love and "something" might happen before u know it.
it's better to be prepared than to regret it later...
best of luck, lady

rm_TopsyTurvy69 52M
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8/11/2005 9:00 pm

Was busy for most of last week, went 4 training, had a little accidents, etc. etc. Only now managed 2 read your posting here, 4 days late. Wish i had done so earlier, convocation is a significant moment in life, hope yours was much better than mine, and brighter days ahead...the haze notwithstanding. With Best Wihes.

eternal1969 47M
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8/13/2005 7:09 am

Congrats girl. Hmmmm.... well a lady will always be a lady... still thinking of appearances when her life hangs in limbo

georgina666 36F

8/13/2005 8:33 am

had a really good one. 3 years of blood and sweat in exchange of 3 seconds of fame and glory, not bad...whoever genius who thought of this robe and mortar board idea needs a really good spanking

it went well, i felt nostalgic and miss university and student life. i have now been officially declared a free person after the grand ceremony of presenting me with the "certificate of freedom but start slaving" a.k.a scroll...

i wore high heels, thak god i didn't trip and fall and then roll of the stage on the red carpet. yes, thank god again the bobbit pins were good enough to keep my mortar board in place and it didn't fall off when i bowed before the pro-chancellor.

it was a clear day yesterday and today, as i was scheduled to return home, suddenly i let open my jar of haze from kl and now my university is filled with haze too. i guess i was too generous with the haze from kl, either that or i am simply a bad luck kitty whereever i go.

all went well...so well...thank god and whoever's prayer out there

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