even if you sex me up  

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11/18/2005 3:45 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

even if you sex me up

ladies and gentlemen,

let me set the record straight, for one thing, i am not excessively big but my hips do speak up for my child bearing abilities, no two ways about that. before you visualize an abominable snow woman typing this posting away behind the hidden screens of her computer monitor and roaming free and wild in this cyber world, i am as real as i can be.

my writings are not virtual but virtue rather. if you take the time to go through my profile, carefully reading my neatly strung up words, you'd eventually discover my true features apart from the obvious freak that i am, so bent on boring you to death with my wordiness. some people do prefer big sized partners, so i am not in any position to discriminate or stereotype anyone.

i have great height and my weight still lies within the safe zone of the body mass index. given a choice, all of us would want to have lesser of this and greater of that and i am equally the same as the other mankind race. i thought if i can shed off the fat and flesh around my hips, that's be fabulous but once this is achieved, i'd start to focus and find faults elsewhere. i live by the mantra, it's hard to please everyone...i still have no problems finding clothes, love to read about the sexual exploration, i think that is strictly between myself and my partner. get the hint? instead of readitouch wood. it's a matter of choice, to choose and wear what complements and suits my body shape rather than trying to squeeze into something micro.

i think i look good in halter neck tops albeit my not-so-smooth back. you see, i have some acnes planted on my back and my darn hair is not long enough to provide camouflage just yet. but i am being very patient, doing all the necessary and providing my hair with adequate care to ensure that it'll grow long again and i'll have my beautiful long brown hair again. i have broad shoulder blades so if i am skinnier then i can qualify to be a walking clothes hanger

as you go through my thoughts with me, you'd realize that i am a very sensible person which probably explained why i have not met up with any soul here. no, i am not saying men here are unworthy, who am i to pass such judgment? i live within my own comfort zone and for someone who is a total stranger to step into this zone, it takes someone who can communicate and share the same wavelength as me to a certain extent. for this, i won't be a psychotic perfectionist where everything must fit perfectly and properly into the picture. that is ideally speaking but we live in the realm of reality.

back to the main topic of this posting-even if you sex me up...don't expect to read about the hot and spicy details here. you just won't and it's against my principle to commit such crime. while most would ng about it, why not experience it with me? action speaks louder than words.

of course, some men like to boast of their fancy cars. yes, i do take interest in cars and if you talk to me about cars, most likely i can give you a piece of my mind. being an aggressive lady driver (erm, read this as defensive driving, would you? )more often than not, i find myself getting drawn to cars, more commonly known as the man's best friend. and who said man's best friend is a dog? let me just say that if you have some beautiful car in your garage or porch, the only way to genuinely interest me would to let me be behind the wheels and we'll see where that would lead us to

whenever i take my car to the workshop for repair or servicing, i find the mechanics trying to speak the car lingo to me, more often than not it baffles me and i hate it when i am not in the know. my solution? play safe, for all the quirky recommendations, keep it in your shelf and just provide me the normal and average service. end of story.

if you take a peek into my thoughts when you read my blog, chances are it'll help you to know me better as a person before you meet. that way, it'll buffer any potential shocks when you actually meet up with me, if we'd ever get that far.

admittedly i am not like any other women here, i can safely assure you that. at least, in terms of thoughts and writings, i cannot supersede the rest of the fabulous women who are here. but why emulate when there are already so many of them here in blogland? take me as i am, get bored to death with me and you might see yourself resurrected with ecstasy with me as we embark on a special unchartered mind blowing experience together...

Kent641 55M/48F

11/18/2005 9:59 am

hello, nice to know you are in great mood. you A journalist,newspaper editor? i admit..you are a good writer. well, as a standard member, cant have a peep at your profile. i presume..you are a chinese and tall(for asian standard). you talk about hip and olden days. that is grandmama stuff. yep, good for breeding. i guess. i mean excellent for that if woman in those days have that. in writing, i am no match with you. my vocabulary is not that good. but i hope you do understand what i am talking about. seem to me...you are a experience driver eventho your age is only 1/4 of a century. and you should have the experience for being rip off at car garage when servicing your vehicle. me too....so afraid when i take my car to the garage for a service. it like going to a dentist. instead...it might be more painful than going to a dentist if we have ego when we are at the garage. if we say...everything ok, ok , ok. then..at the end of the day. time to take our vehicle and a look at the bill...oh....its four figure. just changing oil and filters. yep, talk about figure...i guess...everything is still in proportion. still look good. correct? and .. you still have not had a encounter at this site yet? have not found any worthy candidate? anyway, again..what you write..i dont find it boring and you surely do not use sex to exploit. i find it interesting to read your post. ahhh....maybe i am like wine and brandy...all systems slow down and like to read clean stuff. only some very interesting comment that get my attention and is that comment forward to me? i like that too....action speak louder than words. i sure do would like to know you better. will be here to read your post. have a nice day...GEORGINA. BEST WISHES KENT

rm_TopsyTurvy69 52M
47 posts
11/18/2005 10:30 pm

U're a fine specimen by any Martian standard, trust me. So u can stop describing yourself thinking it would dispel some myth out there that's going around about the venus flytrap. It won't. U'll just be fueling it, creating more smoke screen instead of shedding light.

I for 1 do not write about my sexploits. May be that's why i don't get lucky as frequent as i fancy. But then, so be it. Whose bloody business is it anyway?

georgina666 36F

11/19/2005 2:02 am


i reckon that by writing the sexploits and sexperience that you have will certainly boost the rating of your blog and profile, that's what we call high profile. ultimately, it's the way you describe those vivid scenes, almost like making love using words. that's hard i must say...

but i am one straight person and pretty much still cling on to my clean sheet, so it's hard for me to wash my dirty linen here...though it would entice many a man

georgina666 36F

11/19/2005 2:03 am

hi kent,

you are half right, i can be considered as quite an experienced lady driver since acquiring my driver's licence at the tender age of 20. having been on the Malaysian road for the past 5 years, i am proud to be a surviving road terror. i enjoy driving, so in a way, i do judge a man from the way his drives. driving skills matter to me all you men out there, not only bedroom performance!

by occupation, i am no journalist or writer though i'd love to do that for a living. but i was raised with a conservative and realistic mindset that simply stringing words for the eyes of the public won't make my rice cooker pot fully utilized, hence i chose to be in the dead boring finance life where everything revolves around money.

i fear the dentist too, but i fear the mechanics more than anything...but being a shrewd and calculative finance expert, it's pretty much hard and challenging to try to squeeze unnecessary moolah out of me

Kent641 55M/48F

11/19/2005 7:07 am

hello georgina. anyway..i see you as a remarkable woman. dont know what other guys thought. but you are good. you are clever in writing. so...get a glimpse on your rice pot. you are dealing in $$$$$. hope to be able to know more. it good for now. ha...i am curious about womens mind about fancy car since you drive too. well, car in what category can be consider fancy car? is driving one really do attract? just curious. k...look forward to your next post. best wishes kent

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