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12/20/2005 6:00 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

escape artist

my baby was dented as i have previously mentioned in my blog...i have yet to get it fixed for fear of the workshop mechanics touching and ripping my baby apart, ahh, that would feel like they're me instead.

i called up to fix an appointment or rather preliminary evaluation before i decide what is the next best option available. (un)fortunately all the dates are taken up by anxious eager beavers. i guess everyone wants to take their car for a full inspection before the festivity season rolls in full blown come christmas and new year. darn, looks like i will have to literally wait until next year to get my baby fixed...aarghh!!!! the dent on the bonnet has somewhat sunken into me compared to the first day when daddy broke the news to me. imagine the horror written all over my potholed face as i gasped for air and hyperventilated...goodness, my dear baby. and who said only men regard their ultimate driving machine as their baby? hey, i do that, except i don't kiss my car good night though

my car is my dearly loved possession, i'd rather someone hit me than to damage my car. ironically, it was my ugly arrogance that has caused the damage to my sweet baby...i keep my car clean and you can hardly see a speck of dust in the interior. i vaccum my car religiously every weekend and the mats are always washed and cleaned whenever i have the time and mood my daddy polishes th exterior almost every morning. sigh, it was due to that one moment of arrogance and in the heat of the moment that now my baby is no longer perfect and had to suffer the price of my ego being stroked. now i writhe in pain...

my baby is like a portable and mobile karaoke studio for me. i have a passion for singing, so early in the morning i like to sing to my heart's content before i arrive at my workplace. it's a good way to liven and brighten up my morning since i am not a coffee person.

one of my fantasies is to get drunk and sing karaoke...hmm, what a lethal combination? sigh, a drunkard croaking to her heart's content?! gasp, help me! of course, i'd like to put on my wig and turn on the mirror ball. i will rock you baby! (though i am might rowdy when i get under the influence of alcohol)

of late, some readers have somehow used terms which i was at loss for quite a while. "self assured" and "a touch of reality"...

inappropos said it's a touch of reality when i whine and it's an interesting read probably because i am such an eccentric gemini yes, i agree that i am eccentric. in a way i am unique in my mystifying ways. you don't see me writing about sex or self glorification all the time.i rant and eat the humble pie like a glutton!

you might wonder because my profile and blog might not resemble each other. on one hand, i sound so self assured in my profile. on the other hand, i sound like a mad woman ranting away mindlessly in my blog. i think i wrote this blog while my alter ego wrote my profile. gee, that's an artwork of escapism. ahh, how i marvel at my own work of wonders at times in fooling everyone but myself?

see, the thing about dating a gemini female is almost like dating a different woman every day, oops, wait a minute. make that "dating a different woman every moment and second" because my mood swings are like that. you have been forewarned, say away, dangerous oestrogen filled woman alert!!!

P/S: kent warned me that it's due to the excessive self flagelation i have been inflicting on myself that men are turning their backs and fleeing from me. from horrendous self description of my physical appearance to my child bearing hips screaming for reproduction...what else could this monster be you wonder? that's for you to find out if you're adventurous. truth or dare anyone?

Kent641 55M/48F

12/21/2005 12:11 am

your baby? what are you waiting? a prince charming come along to sweeep it to ah beng or ah kow workshop?

rm_wtease9 37M

12/21/2005 5:13 pm

Hi Georgina,

I am so sorry for you, that you baby got hurt.
During my past two years here in KL I managed to have safe rides. This is a little surprising because the traffic here is worse compared to Germany. Well, in my first years, I knocked objects and other cars once in a while... funny thing is that shoot out my front-lights in a consistent series... left-right-left-right.

Enough about cars. To answer your question: Am open-minded and curious enough to meet up with you.

rm_inappropos 41M

12/21/2005 9:13 pm

hmm your poor baby still not feeling well la , i wonder how you refer to your car is it him or a him . well consider it like sending your baby to the hospital then for some minor surgery painful but necessary
well i wont exactly put that way "inappropos said it's a touch of reality when i whine" but its one of the things that make real but not writing about sex or self glorification all the time is the main reason that i said it hs atouch of reality .
its like dating a different woman every and every second , well that would certainly keep a guy on his toes and make life interesting wouldnt it .what else could this monster be i wonder? well thats one of the reasons i'm reading your rantings as to get a glimmer of the monster behind the blog

eternal1969 47M
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12/22/2005 10:44 am

Well I can see an endless queue waiting for your date... how many years will it take to be my turn?

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