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georgina666 36F
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11/20/2005 4:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

did you know?

funny how i never realized so many things about myself until recently...

1. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, mess with me and i will be bent eternally to ruin your life that you'd be sorry you were born. too arrogant? well, that was my alter ego on the loose. hang on, let me rein her in...come on into the cage you wild george!

2. my passion for writing has been developing and spreading like fire wild. there are days when i am so addicted to writing that because it offered me solace and provided me ecstasy beyond words just to be able to have my PC and string my words away like a madwoman spinning her yarn of life experience.

3.i was never a leader for many a times. more often than not, i find myself drawn to working alone simply because i set high standards which only i seem to be able to fulfill. however, this trait is very brittle for team work and corporate citizens do not appreciate this much either.

4. my sexuality is well defined though most of the time i am deemed not demure or lady like. it's just hard to be everyone's dream girl. while some like girls who are angelic outside, some like girls who are demonic inside. kill two birds with one stone is the most desirable act by most men, but it's a feat hard to achieve.

5. i am a late bloomer simply because i am too sensible. better safe than sorry is my principle. perhaps it is because of this that has caused me to lose out a lot in life. most of the time i am too rigid and uptight, hence i gave up on having fun. feel happy for me because i have discovered this weakness. i am on a self help mission today.

Kent641 55M/48F

11/21/2005 1:44 am

hello georgina, i have been around your blog for just a short time. reading your post, i feel ...you are tender in age but not tooo tender in experience. (Ooop...i mean experience in all aspect) you are ahead and very intelligence. i just wonder....if to sit down with you, have a cup of coffee(what preferences? mamak stall or cafe?) how am i suppose to start a conversation with you(need a little tip here, if you can bocor a bit) sorry, if alrite. i pun have to know. cos you have discovered your weakness. ofcourse, you got to help yourself..is there anyone around to lend a hand when you are in need?(yes...in all aspect too) georgina, glad to know you and i'll be here reading your post. have a great day (ahhh even monday is still a great day for you...correct?) take care georgina best wishes kent

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