delicious married man  

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1/9/2006 10:48 pm

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delicious married man

once in a while, when i see a married man with his spouse and children in tow at shopping malls or restaurants, i can't help but marvel at that man...hmm, how would it feel like to be kept as his mistress i wonder?

if i were given a chance, i'd go for married men for are in their early thirties, preferably with kids. why? this is beginning to sound like a self destructive entry for my blog for as long as i have been writing, but trust me, other people could write worse stuffs and i have been living in fear for how other people would judge me here in AdultFriendFinder that one fine day, i thought, what the heck? i signed up on AdultFriendFinder and created this blog because it's my little wonderland and i reserve the right to write what's on my mind and unless AdultFriendFinder disapproves of this entry, i could not care less if the rest of blogland wish to frown upon me.

you see...a seemingly "happily" married man seen with his family in public is an epitome of the rule of thumb: tried and tested. the stake of the game gets higher when you personally know the man, not always necessarily knowing the entire family as well.

i have believed that a married man would somehow know how to treat another woman better. all the tricks and tactics used on his own wife would come in handy when he treats and pampers his external other half i.e. mistress because he would have been able to learn from his mistakes with his wife. yes, i might be wrong because some men generally never learn but i am talking about a man in his thirties who is mature and established enough for a fling.

being the third party or mistress would always be frowned upon by society for being the destructor of a happy family. but have we ever questioned if indeed the family was worth keeping in the first place?

you don't have to look itself in AdultFriendFinder we have plenty of married men and women alike looking for a good time or plainly for a companion. the reason why they turned to AdultFriendFinder could range from feeling deprived to communication glitch to many other personal reasons known to themselves.

somehow to me, a married man looking for a fling whether to help him overcome his mid life crisis or to boost his ego seems attractive enough. one fine day, this stray man will eventually crawl back to his family and the mistress, if lucky, would be left with some luxurious items or a good time together.

because he's married, i tend to perceive him as someone who will know how to take care of other people better (if he's got kids, all the better score for this). his mindset would be different from a bachelor of the same age, early thirties. i guess you can say that he's more fatherly in some sense and i love to pampered in such a manner.

it's not that a single guy cannot satisfy me, but a married man in his early thirties with an established career and family would seem equally attractive too...

having said that i do have an eye for married men, i have turned down a few offers from married men who wanted to meet up. it must be due to my gemini dual nature-i seek the thrill of being in a relationship with a married men and yet my conscience is screaming no because it is utterly unfair to the spouse and children particularly...

eternal1969 47M
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1/10/2006 10:43 am

George George.... you are starting to thread on dangerous grounds... be careful what you wish for... they usually come true

rm_rockdbed 42M
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10/31/2006 1:38 am

George, this is the first time I have read someone dare to write about this, and you know what, I think there are more people that feel the same way as u do, its just that they are affraid to voice it out. It is very brave of you that u voice out what u feel and what u think like this.
A lot of people say if you choose that person to get married, then one should stick to it, obviously this is from people that have not yet get married (Woman are very different person before and after marriage, rememeber the example of a girl fall for a guy because he is nice guy to all his friend, but then when she is the GF, she feel the BF is too generous to his friends). Marriage is a product of so call modern civilazation, but if its so civillize, then y the so call most civilize country (USA) have the highest divorce rate in the world??? Something is just not right somewhere.
For me, sometimes u just want someone to share the up and down in life, someone to give u a caring hug,... sex is great, but its not the only thing... but most women will shy away the moment they know u r married... married man also have their times of lonely and deprive

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