cuddle but no intercourse  

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12/27/2005 4:55 am

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cuddle but no intercourse

ahh, george could not resist the temptation of blogland, hence she swing into AdultFriendFinder with her broken foot wholeheartedly in the hope that by writing she'll regain the strength to stand on her own feet again.

i started to write some entries laced with minor eroticism not too long ago and stopped abruptly. i apologize if i just happened to pull the "handbrake" on some of your "joysticks" i am a person whereby it requires a taste to be acquired if you want to fully appreciate and savour every drop of my juice for life. oops, a little misleading there but i hope you understand my flowery language nonetheless. is teasing you a feather while you're being handcuffed to the bed pillars!

i had initially wrote in my profile that i am not a black widow spider waiting to pounce on my mating partner and gobble him up once the orgasm is reached. and yet, i think most of you think that i am one complex person (and we haven't even talk about my looks yet...sigh)

what do you think of me? no, this is not a trick question. you won't get penalized or have your merits deducted no matter what you say. well, erm, as long as it's constructive criticism and not personal attack, i am open to any comments and feedbacks that you may have. one thing though, you might suspect that i am deaf because i tend to repeat myself over and over (trust me, as i read my previous postings, i have realized and gotten the shock of my life when i kept on reading the same topic of my interest raised in several consequential entries). come on, you've probably read my blog for the past one month or so? (wow, that's an achievement to be able to retain your attention for so long ) give me an honest opinion of what you think of me...though i must say that i am not offering my lingerie to any of you as a reward for your favour i just gather opinions from people and perhaps along the way improve myself? ahh, then you'll see a better george when we meet.

disclaimer: speak your mind or forever hold your peace dated in year 2005. once it's 2006, you can speak your mind again i guess

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