can you resist my temptation?  

georgina666 36F
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12/27/2005 5:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

can you resist my temptation?

AdultFriendFinder is a sex site and we're all adults gathered behind the screens of our computer peeking through bill gates designed windows into the cybersex world. sometimes i feel that i am like a nun in a striptease club. when the ladies perform a pole dance, i shut my eyes and hold tight to my holy rosary with one hand while the other hand goes under my skirt... admittedly, as conservative and cautious that i may sound, i am still a human with bodily sexual needs.

due to the fact that i am curious and yet prudent, i have decided to be selective whether to meet or correspond with AdultFriendFinder men. it saves both of us a lot trouble and time really. i guess some people here are not in touch with reality. they seem to think that males and females here have superb bodies and looks while forgetting that we're still on earth and humans come in many shapes and sizes.

frankly, i like to correspond with men through personal e-mails. i still blog but the difference between comments interaction and private e-mails is that when you write on a one to one basis, the scope and topic of interest tend to vary. as you see for yourself, even the comments which each and every one of you here post is different and varies accordingly.

when the time is right, or rather when we both cannot contain our excitement and curiosity of each other anymore, then i'll decide if i want to take a step further to meet up. meeting place need not be some posh restaurant but please don't ask me to meet you at some sleazy bar or cockroach and rat infested cafeteria-that's really going to piss me off

please gentlemen, don't expect to check into some cheap hourly rate hotel with me just minutes after meeting up. fine, i stand corrected. just in case that in the event that we both possessed such chemistry and flying sparks that only being in an enclosed area that we could release our lust, then i guess we can still find a decent hotel for our sex-capade (sex+escapade). that's a BIG if

as we move along the fine dotted lines of lust and attraction, it'd be good if we would continue to write to each other after the first meet up. once again, that's a BIG if. if we still write or keep in touch, we may decide to meet up again and this time, do something fun together like catching a movie? sounds too typical of the sappy romantic flick storyline? sorry, i can only think of a movie though if you want to make out with me in the car, it'd better be your car since i am not going to stain my baby

so there you go...i am a simple person and yet complex. pardon me, my alter ego has just reared her ugly head. oh, kent said it's quite hard to cuddle without intecourse and it'll probably take a monk to perform the mission impossible feat?

hmm, in my humble opinion, a cuddle without intercourse can still happen. we may not be lust filled horny adults per se, but if we do possess some chemistry, i think we'd be able to pull the cuddle without intercourse stunt successfully. it's not mission impossible.

it's just like, i hope to be able to undress in front of you without making you feel disgusted with all the cellulites and curves on my body. at the same time, i seek your self restrain on my nude self...see no touch in a way, it helps to build the anticipation and we can have loads of fun later. to cut my grandmama story short, i prefer men who have self control and respect for me. if we cuddle and things get too steamy but half way through, i just had to push you away due to reasons and fears only known to me and maybe you, it would be great if you could just shrug your shoulders and perhaps frown like a small boy and then give me a huge bear hug.

to me, that's like you telling me "george, i would have bashed you and shagged you senseless but i won't force myself on you because mr happy is flesh and not jackhammer to drill into your chastity belt! i'll punish you when you're ready..."

rm_inappropos 41M

12/27/2005 8:41 am

not much to add as i tend to agree with what you said above . its just a question of personal preferences , self control and last and not least respect . anticipation could or can be the best part of the game

eternal1969 47M
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12/27/2005 9:38 am

Honestly, I wouldnt... couldn't commit myself on how I would react under such circumstances. I would like to just cuddle,nothing complicated but I don't know...I'm human and a MAN. I would say I'm driven by the momentum of the moment... what will be will be....

And no... I dun think I would ever want to knock anyone out silly and force myself on her.... that'll be absolutely the most boring sex I can ever have *yawn

Kent641 55M/48F

12/27/2005 3:01 pm

george, this is a sex site. LOL. small boy dont exist on this site. i doubt, you can find any good boy here but you can find lot of mature and horny boy.

Maximus10002005 30M
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12/28/2005 1:06 am

hey dnt say small boys are not n this site.. i am juz 19ut horny... what abt ur wife... is she in need for a sex partner....

rm_closetfem 57M
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12/28/2005 10:55 pm

True as what you said cuddling between male and female does not necessacy end up with intercourse. Cuddling each other might be some activity where we feel comfort and safe with each other. I had the experience of doing it with a lady, both of us naked under the bedsheet and even with my little brother throbbing asking for 911, I still manage to avoid intercourse. Doing it must have the consent of both parties.

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