bedroom crisis  

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12/30/2005 5:47 am

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bedroom crisis

just in case you're lost in my train of thoughts, let me tell you that i am equally lost in my own thoughts too. blame it on the leg or the lack of intimacy contact with any species of the opposite sex for a really long time. add those lethal combinations up and you'll get a really screwed up george.

so i was rambling on about my wishlist and my desire to revamp my over intelligent personality here. it seems that quite a few men would appreciate wits and sense of humour with a funny twist to it eh? i see the usual suspects (you know you are by now) crawling back to my crime scene perhaps harbouring hopes that i'll change my writing style just so that it won't make them confused-this is a sex site and here i am writing about my daily crisis?!

i don't want to write a one-liner in the hope that i'll boost my blog rating. neither would i want to read about what other people have to say and then try to emulate the topic of discussion.

i know that things are not always a bed of roses in my blog. just a couple of moons back, perhaps it was full moon then, i had written some entries with an air of eroticism but i am sure that was not good enough to even get you erected. and now i am back to square one, writing about work and my personal frustrations, mostly which does not seem to be sex related.

you see, i am a single woman at her prime age of a quarter of a century. i was in a relationship long enough to keep me docile but eventually things gave way and we parted for the better in my humble opinion. he let me go while i was crying my hearts out. that was one huge titanic scene for me, except that he didn't jump and i didn't mourn for his death. rather, i felt that i had lost all that i have given all the while, mostly emotional price to pay for.

so perhaps now you'd realize the reason i am smarter and more selective in choosing men who i want to keep in touch with or meet. it's all a facade that all women here would be willing to satisfy their lust as long as the men possessed huge anatomies and willing to splurge on them. but is this the truth?

while i may sound dangerously seeking my significant half from this AdultFriendFinder, that's also a myth. it is not possible to mine diamond from a scum pond. of course, there might be some precious metals, as some of you proved to be just that.

others are writing about their sexual escapades or wildest fantasies, which i did touch on many entries ago. so, perhaps when you come here, you wish to read about something light and entertaining and possibly erecting. hah! what luck in the world for me because i don't seem to have that ability though to write like other people. why am i making a comparison? this insecurity could stem due to other factors since i am now in a limbo at uncertainty being piled onto another uncertainty and we get a mountain out of mole hill of uncertainties. or better still, you are reading the daily blog of chicken little, proudly acted out by george.

i won't say my prime objective is sex though it is part of the objective. i prefer communication and from there, it really depends if we can take things one step further. many a time, it's not about wham bang, thank you ma'am. so...what am i supposed to write here?

i like to communicate and get to know a person before deciding on the sexual part. if we bypass the communication, i am not any different from the rest. i find myself unique in this sex site because i still seem to be able to maintain my true self despite the pressure from all around. i am losing the rating of my blog, which on certain days is a depressing thing because it makes me wonder if i really write about such bland and boring stuff that only 50 odd readers would like to glance through?

then i look back at the previous entries and found myself making a fool out of myself for writing about practically my daily life instead of sexciting's a huge contradiction, i know...

perhaps my love for writing has blinded me that i should do as the romans when in rome. in a sex site, the main concern and focus is on the subject of sex and not about mismatching my bra and panty or having a lousy day at work.

there you go ladies and gentlemen, another piece of confusion courtesy of george of the jungle. to kent, no, i am not growing to be a more sophisticated person, but my thoughts are swerving around the corner of possibilities.

eternal was so agreeable and supportive of my nude photo shot with the smudged face. yeah, i heard you and that was why i included a digicam in my wishlist.

inappropos, i have not realized this until of late...i may have a strong character and this is precisely the spermicide to counter attack my pheromone. hence men stay away...

do you guys think i need a breather from blogging since lately my entries seemed to be words of nonsense?

rm_crazy4000 33M

12/30/2005 9:23 am

hi Georgina! Well although im new to your blogs, i do notice that most of ur blogs which are "steamy" become the "headlines" while the others become the "classifieds" which ppl use to wrap nasi lemak...

well i think u should get ur rethink why u join AdultFriendFinder. Do u seek pure sex (i dont think so) or do u seek companionship? if u choose the latter, im guessing ur having a hard time dont u? may i suggest friendster? u will be better off there

Well personaly im really OK with ur blog, no matter what u write. U dont have to write a pornografic movie script, just write what u want to write... after all, thats what blogs are for, am i rite? Who cares about what others think... And why r u so worried about ratings? I think u should write not to please others, but urself.

i hear u have a tough everyday life. So use this blog to express ur feelings. I'm sre u'll feel better

I always believed that ppl will like u for what u potrey to them and i think if u potrey ur real self, people will like u for what u are. Although its sumtimes hard to do. Its like Apple Macintosh (from the makers of iPod) vs Windows XP. although Apple Macintosh is not "mainstream" compared to Windows XP, but it has realy hardcore die hard fans. Its true! try searching for an Apple Macintosh user and u will understand (well im a fan myself, hehe)

the bottom line is, U r ur own unique self. Some ppl might not like u, some ppl might be crazy over u... who knows. Its far much better than being some one else...

Carry on ur blog. I support u..ganbatte!!

Sorry ya, im a little blunt in my usage of words but thats me

P/S : photo isnt such a bad idea. just make sure its the right one

eternal1969 47M
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12/30/2005 11:34 am

Ohhh... crazy is cute... look at that photo.....
George.... go go go...

rm_inappropos 41M

12/30/2005 12:59 pm

and what pray tell is wrong with a strong character ? this may sound like i'm repeating some other comment posted here but this is your medium , you write whatever you feel like writing and when you feel like writing . If you can find some precious metals in a pond of scum i'm sure anyone can make some sense from your "words of nonsense"

Kent641 55M/48F

12/30/2005 3:13 pm

why take a breather? georgina666 is your own blogland. you write within your own boundary, why worry over viewer rating? this word of yours....possibilities. hey george..lot of good guy here. george, A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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