a desirable sex trophy  

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12/29/2005 5:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

a desirable sex trophy

it has been quite a long time since i last ogled at men. is this a cause for alarm and panic? not really i guess since my sexual orientation is the same and should not fall under the highly debatable category just yet.

no doubt, i see a lot of men in their suits or some just in their plain long sleeve shirt with a tie each day when i go out for lunch. in fact, that's the only time and chance that i get a glimpse of other men in broad daylight apart from my own male colleagues. once i finish work, the sky would have turned grey and dark so i'll head home without taking a detour just to gallavant. perhaps this is how it triggered the thought in some of you that indeed, this george of the jungle has no life apart from weeding words in blogland.

eyeing on male colleagues would spell disaster since i never really believed in office romance anyway. as the popular saying goes, do not eat and shit in the same hole. so i have always wondered how men perceive me. in any ways at all, do i seem attractive to them? what does it take to earn the much coveted sex trophy title?

i always have this perception that a sex trophy must be a woman who has a great figure. that would mean sacrificing cheese cake, chocolate, buffet spread and snacks apart from other delicious food. nah, i'll pass on that criteria because i genuinely live to eat and not eat to live.

this sex trophy must also have a beautiful face that'll turn heads just for the second glimpse of seventh heaven. if you ask me, i'd say that my best feature would be my eyes. all else is average (fine, i shall not condescend myself to the level of an ugly duckling...). nonetheless i have the height too but the weight does not seem to compliment the height for a supermodel description.

as a sex trophy, it goes without saying that she must be excellent in bed too. whether a man or woman is good or bad in bed is a very subjective measurement and evaluation. so, this is generally a personal preference though we read here in AdultFriendFinder that it's almost heaven sent if the woman can squirt and achieve multiple orgasm.

so how do i learn to be a desirable sex trophy? i think the modus operandi would be to snap a nude shot of myself...then smudge the face using photoshop and subsequently attach the photo to my profile. next, i should seriously do some major revamp on my profile. all the while my profile has been too blunt and it sort of exuberate some intelligent aura which threatened to harm the ego of any men that came across my profile.

when men write to me, i must respond in the most docile way instead of telling them off if they type sex right from the beginning till the ending of the e-mail. if there are generous offers to fly me to some exotic holiday spot for a great time with him, i must jump at the opportunity and pack my suitcase immediately.

no doubt there are also men who offered to buy luxurious gifts and take me to fancy restaurants that my meagre paycheque can only dream off. from now on, i shall wine and dine as often as these men wish to offer me such dates.

gifts? oh yes, thank you. this is my wishlist.

1. ipod (nano or shuffle or simply any model in the market)
2. anna sui secret wish perfume
3. cartier ring
4. shoes...you can hop and choose with me or simply get me the gift vouchers
5. bags...le sports sac, gucci, christian dior, lv, guess, mng, kipling, samsonite or any decent feminine carrywear
6. books (the time traveler's wife, the constant gardener, men are from mars, women are from venus) or gift vouchers
7. help me fix my dented baby
8. clothes shopping spree
9. chocolate
10. watch
11. music compact discs (keane-hopes and fears, abba, jay chou, u2, hoobastank)
12. gigantic teddy bear
13. a holiday trip to an exotic island
14. charm bracelet
15. lingerie (a push up bra please...)
16. handphone (nokia 6111 or samsung slide phone)
17. stationery items such as writing pad, pen, envelopes
18. a new computer
19. digicam
20. love

well, that's my wishlist at the moment...

men rejoice! sit back and buckle up your seat belts as george takes you on an unchartered soul discovery adventure. damn, i forgot again. it should be sex discovery adventure since i am aiming to be a desirable sex trophy right? and from then on, all my entries would be about hot steamy sex scenes conjured by my mind.

now, is this too good to be true? finally, george woke up and realized that hey, AdultFriendFinder is a sex site and not a playground for innocent nuns like me? a holy nun turn a horny slut overnight? gosh, something must be wrong. well...no harm since it's just another fantasy of mine to do something outrageous and unexpected just to throw you off the scent

i am still me, no matter what, i'll revert to my original form (from slut to nun). my principle remains the same...i enjoy good company with good food and maybe good wine but not necessarily of that order. good company with average food and no wine will still get us through the day, trust me. the rule of thumb remains that the guy would and should foot the bill. is this true? i am not aiming to hook up with a rich sugar daddy, that is surreal and we all know that. i may be a fun companion but not sure if i am a fun "toy"...

one thing that always make me curious is that how many women here actually got themselves showered with gifts from AdultFriendFinder men? and for all the so-called generous gifts from men, what is the price to pay for? a simple one night stand or perhaps multiple nights stand to justify the worth and value of the gifts "investment"?

i think i am right in thinking that nothing comes free in this world. for everything that we have, there is a price to pay for, it's just a matter whether the price is affordable or exorbitant. that is why i am cautious in deciding whether to accept or decline the offer from men here. i'll be frank and blunt just so you know what kind of a person i am right from the beginning. if you're still keen, then we'll see where it'll lead us to. admittedly, i am not the usual simple minded woman for i always think several steps ahead before making the first move. look (and think) before you leap

Kent641 55M/48F

12/29/2005 7:32 am

george, you are becoming sophisticated. i am lost in the dense jungle of george. coming of age?

eternal1969 47M
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12/29/2005 9:25 am

Hmmm... yup you should take a nude photo and smudge all the parts but leave the face intact

George in fantasies...hmmmm..... that'll be interesting... just remember to occasionally include me in some of the stories

And yes, your train of thoughts is strange...... stationeries for your wishlist??? ..... workaholic you..

rm_inappropos 41M

12/29/2005 2:33 pm

such frail egos to come to harm that easily and a nice wishlist could use half of the stuff listed there , almost made me wish to reregister under a different name and gender and do some creative writing and some imaginative photoshopping to test the theory out

rm_hotrod5699 31M
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12/30/2005 5:49 am

I have observed some interesting trends recently especially related to "China Dolls" (Women and Girls from China).

Some (or even many?) Malaysian women have started panicking as China Dolls are invading our shores, to the delight of Malaysian Men.

Many tabloids and magazines have started running scare stories of China Dolls stealing husbands and boyfriends ... "Unite! Malaysian Sisters," they cry.

Many Malaysian women think they are beautiful and therefore VERY PROUD because there are not many beautiful women in Malaysia really, compared to China, which I suspect makes them have a "harder" attitude in choosing men.

But Ha! Now things shall change forever. It's time for Malaysian women to soften their attitude ...

To Malaysian Women: Are you aware of the price of a China Doll (college girl (YES! in case you don't know ...), mature women) as beautiful as you? Better check it out ...

To Malaysian Men: you must be living in Mars if you still don't have a clue of this trend ...

"Have you lost your boyfriend/husband to a China Doll lately?"

Happy New Year! Toast to the Great New Era of Choice!

rm_hotrod5699 31M
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12/30/2005 5:59 am

ps. I still love Malaysian women. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to become your public enemy No. 1. Taking the risk of being patronising, I still have to say that I'm afraid attitude like Georgina has a diminishing market value (because of "those cheap China goods!", sorry, pun intended)

But then, I don't want to start another China-Malaysia "conflict". Pardon my quotation above, but they do exist in public conversation ...

rm_hotrod5699 31M
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12/30/2005 6:15 am

pps. Actually I think I may help by posting some "market information" concerning "China Dolls" for the benefit of our Malaysian sisters -- as I suppose these are the last things that your husbands and boyfriends would share with you

I would like to know your response to my offer of information sharing here.

Just post or email me your questions

georgina666 36F

1/2/2006 5:33 am


feel free to share anything you wish me, i am all ears. due to the cheaper and more eye tantalizing goods imported from elsewhere, people like me will soon have no market as intellects may eventually opt for a good looker who is good in bed and demure in public. but that's luck and fate for me.

no 1 public enemy? nah, i will reiterate that no offence would be taken even if you choose to post personal attacks on me. what's the point in getting upset with people whom i have never met and possibly won't ever meet?

not sure how long these chinese barbie dolls can survive here or in singapore, but as long as there is demand, there will be ample supply-theories of economics.

by any measure or standard, i can't and won't be like those dolls because i am far from a doll. but hey mate, thanks for pointing out the fact and go on, share with me and the rest

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