1 great body, 2 spotlights, 4 entrances  

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11/19/2005 8:21 pm

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1 great body, 2 spotlights, 4 entrances

wakey wakey georgie...i open my tight eyes shut while in dreamland and it's already morning. read it as it's a boring sunday morning and before the numbers hit on me come monday, i'll just write about my alter ego passion; cars.

men and cars
my opposite neighbour, a middle aged man i presume is married to a decent looking woman and they have multiplied by having one offspring as to date. normally, in the evenings regardless working day or just plain lazy weekends, he would be caught spending time with his car. either he'll be showering his car or polishing his car...the wonders that he can perform on his car is countless and i am no peeping george, so i don't ogle at him when he spends some quality time with his car only clad in his bermudas while being topless. this man has got hairy chest and from afar, i gather that his six packs are still intact. so far so good, not transformed from initial six per packaging to one size for all (read: pot belly ala 6-9 months pregnancy tummy size).

come the weekends, this man's obsession with his car which is also his best friend and flesh and blood judging from the way he caresses the exterior and fondles the interior, he'd flash his vacuum cleaner right in front of his porch or driveway. early in the morning, while i am still groggy from having too much sleep, i could hear the vacuum cleaner working hard. the avid vacuum cleaner under the instruction of his master who be sucking every dust particle there is in his car...what a man i must say. i admit i have a passion for cars and driving but i hardly spend any leisure time with my car like this man or any other men do with their cars. i guess you can say i am one person who utilizes the car's purpose but not a good master or caretaker. does this attitude speak of the way i deal with men as well? use them until over their permissible limit and not take care of them? it depends i'd say...for everything that we do, there's action and reaction.

so, the scene with this man and his toy car is a common sight in my neighbourhood. i wonder, does he caress and fondle his wife the way he did to his car? does he shower his wife and suck her clean as well? or is there a double standard?

women and cars
i have a doctor friend who is very intelligent and pretty. all else apart, this friend can hardly differentiate the clutch and gas pedal. once, her dad was trying to check if there's something wrong with the car's timing belt. hence he got her to be at the driver's seat. on his instruction, she was supposed to step on the gas pedal so that he can see how the timing belt was performing but the engine was not even revved up at all...

after several times of asking her to do the same, i.e. step on the gas pedal, he got frustrated because the engine remained so still as the dead...then, he stood side by side the driver's side and told her to step on the gas pedal. he almost suffered from a cardiac arrest seeing his daughter stepping so hard on the clutch pedal continuously and the poor girl does not know that stepping on the clutch pedal simply won't rev up the engine as her father desired. my point of the tale? girls and the mechanical parts of a car is still beyond stone age. fair enough, i rest my case.

society and cars
we live in the realm of the real world. humans are basically attracted to luxurious items such as designer watches, clothes, accessories and vehicles as well. even if you are a biker dude, as long as your riding machine is a harley davidson as opposed to honda cub (fondly known as "kapchai" in our malaysian context) girls would still throw themselves onto you, never mind that by wearing the helmet, their beautiful coiffure would be ruined.

since i am a self-driven person (pun intended) i hardly need to get a lift in someone's car. men in general hardly gets the chance to be driven around by me, though i admit that in my previous relationship of 4 years, my estranged half was the one in the passenger seat while i took the wheels. i suppose by being in the driver seat, i felt more in control of the situation and time factor as a matter of fact when we're rushing to get somewhere.

men who have rode with me all share the same compliment; i can drive well by the standard of a malaysian driver and also a young female driver that is. in my opinion, it takes a cut above to be able to drive around malaysian roads since our roads are not designed inteligently with citizens' safety in mind. i suppose even the ministers try hard to steer clear off our roads, so you hardly see them around their nicely designed offices and they own houses like that of a palace which is their sanctuary. but again, it is a very rare occassion that men get to ride with me since i am not in favour of being anyone's chauffeur.

to a certain extent only family members gets the priviledge and priority where chauffeuring is concerned. of course, if you travel from afar to see me, i might consider extending my hospitality by driving you around. mind you, make sure you are safely tucked in your seat with the seat belt on.

despite being a good driver as i proclaimed shamelessly, i only drive an automatic transmission car. yes, the secret is out and you will now know that i am no different from the majority of female car purchasers who are avid fans of the automatic transmission. when i first started to take the car around, some people were heard commenting that automatic transmission cars consume more petrol and the pickup time is slow. the harshest comment of all that took the cake must be automatic transmission seemed to be designed for the handicapped, so to speak since you only need your right foot for both the brake and gas pedals and with power steering, even using one side of your arms should be sufficient to manouvre the car. hmm...

i'll admit that i can hardly drive a manual transmission car for nuts. reason? i am still a female with her huge X factor after all, my hands and legs do not coordinate well, more road users will die courtesy of my clumsiness. but automatic transmission is a state of the art on its own. with the increasing number of vehicles, whether small, medium or large on the road and our government is eagerly pushing for local car sales just to counter attack the AFTA policy, i'd rather spend a couple of thousands more for the automatic transmission than to spend a hefty amount for reflexology due to excessive leg cramp for having to step on the clutch pedal over and over during the traffic jam, particularly during the raining season. so why not utilize the technology instead or hurting my foot which are already sore from my high heel shoes?

but my point of view of a male driver? i am very attracted to men who drive manual transmission cars. i guess it has something to do with the way he manipulates the gear box, oh so manly i didn't tell you that i am a very aggresive jay walker too right? and i like to push my luck when crossing in front of a speeding luxurious car with only one male driver in it. if the car has a male driver and female passenger next to him, chances are i'll save my luck for the next time- men are tempted to run down another woman pedestrian just to profess his undying love to the woman sitting next to him in the car.

driving a luxurious car speaks of a certain level and social status that a person or rather man has achieved in life. so i'd agree that a luxurious car that is truthfully and rightfully belongs to a man is a good tool to entice a woman. but if you're driving someone else's car or rental service, then i'd say that you should think twice trying to impress a woman. ultimately, apart from materialistic tools such as cars, gadgets, wealth, (if all these factors are genuine, ceteris paribus) intelligence and intellectual would also play important roles in a long term relationship. if it's just a fling, heck, even the barman could perform cocktail wonders on you

rm_TopsyTurvy69 52M
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11/20/2005 8:57 pm

What was it that they say about separating men from boys by the size of their toys? When u're young u play with, during my time we have Matchbox, now it's HotWheels, then when u grow up, the real thing if u have the means. Same principle applies to...'Action Figures' dear George. Except that there's a difference between the two, see, men take care of their toys coz that's what they are: TOYS.
I tell u, if the luxury cars can talk back, man's relationship with them will be very very different indeed.

Kent641 55M/48F

11/21/2005 1:12 am

hello georgina. what can i say about this post? nothing. clever,witty,chicky and what more you want to talk about mens? anyway, really fun reading. no bombardment , no fun.....correct? have a nice day....george best wishes kent

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