awoke this morning very very wet  

gently_finger_me 29F
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7/23/2006 10:35 am
awoke this morning very very wet

hi all yes i no its been ages but ive been very busy with my new f for lke weeks anyways ....

i awoke this morning very very wet between my legs as i recall the dream i had and thought you guys might like to hear it so here goes....

it takes place with me back in school wearing the basic of uniforms (as i did anyways) and my bf was the teacher of the class and so as i sit at the front (to which i never did) i sit ter opening and closing my legs to reveal my very fresh white knickers to him as he sits there trying to explain the lesson as i watch him keep looking down to where he can see past my knees and along my legs to my knickers as i keepp flashing to him..

soon hes sitting behind his desk and takes off his tie as i know im having an affect on him whilst the lesson goes on behind me with all the other girls i just keeep eye contact and teasingly lick my lips and open my legs wide bareing naked thigs to his constant gaze ....
i reach down under my desk and pull back the top of my very short skirt to reveal the tops of my knickers to him showing him everything i have to offer and pulling on my knickers to make them slip between my pink lips knowing that he wants to touch me down there just akes me start to glisten with enjoyment of pnishing him teasing him....

as the bell sounds for end of lesson he does not stand up as usuall but just stays seated and lets everyone go but says he has got some special homework for me...

so after everyone has left he calls me up to his desk as i get there beside him he tels me that what i did to embarrase him was very naught and that i should study the effects on sexual teassing for a after schools project..

as he reaches nder my skirt and starts to rub me trough my knickers he reaches into his back beside his desk with his other hand and pulls out the kama sutra...

explaining to me that as i was naughty i have to go home and study every position in the book and that he will test me on it tommorrow after school...

to which in my dream i see various different sexual positions.......

and is about now that i awoke with my bf telling me that id been fidgeting about in the bed and moaning slightly and its then that i realised how wet i was down there dreaming about all those positions to take cock inside me..

brand198734 29M
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7/24/2006 12:28 pm

sounds like you have very nice dreams!

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11/3/2006 8:02 am

awoke this morning very very wet

Hey there Gently finger me

I read your work with thoughts of taking you in raw passion you inspired a fellow Kentish

I see a lovely party girl(lol) walking along the just before the the park after a night drinking with some girls. I look at sexy body and think lets have some nasty games... I stroll up behind with you being nun the wiser.
As we enter the park I pull you to the bushes. Holding your arms with my right and smothering your mouth with the lift.
We can feel both our hearts pounding as I pull your body to the floor. As you wiggle I prise open your smooth leg and pulling up a short skirt. I am holding both arms with one hand as I rip your thong to one side.
My cock is throbbing as I guide it to you lips. As I rub against your tight pussy I notice how wet you are. Holding you down I force all nine inches in one hard stroke. I feel a shake and hear a faint moan.. I thrash hard and deep as possible for near to ten minutes.. Sensations zapping through my body. I shoot more than I have ever before, in my rush I had not realized I did not have hold of you but you was shaking and screaming to a intense powerful orgasm. My cock still in you I throw you on your panting chest proceeding to thrust deep and use your hair to pull me closer.
I hear you moaning in pleasure the word 'ARSE'. No hesitation I pull out your pussy and pound straight in. We instantly start to multiple orgasm together.. I lay on top for 5 minutes throbbing in you. As we slowly get up and start to kiss then stroll our separate ways...


I do a camp in france for the five months over summer.. It is no stop session. Would you work another season.


rm_LUV2FUKU269 38M
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1/29/2007 6:01 am

Damn, I wish I was your bf in that dream! Youre a hot yound woman! I would love to meet up some time. I am a 27 yr old white male 6' tall 210lbs with an athletic body, brown hair and blue eyes with a chiseled all american face. I am told by many others that I am good looking and you wont be dissapointed. I cannot show pics on this website, only by email as I don't want to lose my fireman job! Hope to hear from you soon hot stuff!

gurjarsexyboy 36M
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2/4/2007 7:36 am

i meet to you for a friendship

funkentjay1 55M

3/20/2007 8:18 am

Wonderful story. Kent. so hot

rm_pare2525 34M/35F
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5/1/2007 6:47 pm

We loved that story!!

rm_boomer7754 29M

5/2/2007 9:21 am

that was a nice dream, spell check everything before you posted.

rm_deprived649 58M
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7/2/2007 2:39 pm


The Blindman

bird5978 37M
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7/22/2007 8:27 pm

I like your sweetheart

平凡無奇不是愛 橫刀奪愛才是愛

千軍萬馬我直往 你爭我奪愛才來

ludwig202 64  
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8/8/2007 10:16 pm

du bist wunderbar

rm_daveinwstr 47M
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8/20/2007 8:55 pm

would love to get to know you daveinoh1 yahoo or 317 and 7903

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