Why do things go the way they do?  

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6/13/2006 7:49 pm

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Why do things go the way they do?

I have been here awhile now watching what goes on. It seema most people are looking but are not really willing to leave the safe place behind the computer screen and get out there. Now this is understandable as it is a scary thing there are dangers out there. But some people will not even try to get out using the safety rules even. Meeting in a public place so you are not going to be attacked and so on. It seems like people would rather tease and taunt people just because they can and not be held accountable for it. Some think this is fun? I treat everyone like I like to be treated and when someone is causing grief or pain I avoid them. There is more than enough pain, anger and hurt feelings out there without adding to it!! Many do not realilize that doing this can cause some people to become angry and bitter which we then see in the chat rooms which only makes things worse. Are we all not looking to be wanted and cared about? To many people are talking the talk but are not walking the walk. We all need to remember there are REAL PEOPLE behind those screen names who deserve to be treated right!! Just because you can be nasty and rude online and get away with it does not make it right! So with this conduct people become more hesitant to get out there and connect with others. I have been told I am a brave soul getting out there but really if you do it the right way you do not have to be fearless just smart and careful. So take that first step out from behind that puter it is only a tool the journey of a 1000 miles starts with the first step! OK I have ranted enough for now so feel free to share your thoughts because with out feedback we are in a vacumm and I don't like blowing up like a ballon and popping. LOL The only bad question or comment is the one not said because even if something is a little off it can lead to discussion and understanding the BIG PICTURE! Take care all

1tstfullady 63F

7/29/2012 1:16 am

oh yes..... the first meet fear...tisk tisk... I flew 7000 miles for a date...lol dont give me the ""distance"" excuse...

yes... the world needs alot more happiness...via sex would be good... what happened to the ''free love''mantra???

and chat rooms... there can be some that just ruin the whole thing

if only....if only

cheers dear lovely post

kiss kiss P

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