Just have to wonder?  

gentletouch92 58M
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6/24/2006 7:42 pm

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7/30/2012 1:03 am

Just have to wonder?

Ok it has been 10 days and no comments? So one begins to wonder is any of this being read or looked at I have 2 views on the last post one I did from a friends computer to test and I got one view. So this is off to a slow start but thats the way it goes I guess. Some of these Blogs get way out in left field so to speak and thats fine nothing wrong with that at all!! Some share sexual fantasies or just day to day things what ever floats your boat. I would like to find someone who would like to have sex without all the bagage and needless crap and game playing. Why can't people just enjoy life and each other without playing all the games and toying with people. It seems like alot of people just like the game playing and don't give a rats ass about anybody but their own self gratification. I really do not care for such shallow petty people I was married to one for 12 years! So share your thoughts am I a nut case or a reasonable person or just plain odd?


6/24/2006 10:42 pm

Be patient in blogland darlin'. It does take a little while. As far as the game playing, yes there many game players in here and in life. It's hard to avoid them. Good luck to you darlin'.

1tstfullady 63F

7/29/2012 1:20 am

lol.... most think everyone else is odd..... ??? I have noticed over the past few years how blog land has become rather clique-ish ...sad really

i remember you from the chat room... and a few of the chatters were in their usual "poo poo on everyone"" mode i think most of us fled the room

i did save your blog for when i had time to read later... which is today cheers

you have said alot of the same things i feel to... so if there are two of us.. there are more

just enjoy dear ...cheers and keep smiling


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