life's little surprises  

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10/8/2005 1:04 pm

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life's little surprises

Back in the beginning of theis blog I would write periodically of a woman met here. At the time it was short lived and I heard nothing from her for the last serveral months. Yesterday I realized she was still in my e-mail addy book and therefore in my IMC addy book as well. On a whim I asked her to join my little circle of friends on IMC, though I thought we were over, she comes back with an acceptance and chatted briefly this AM. She said she would like to continue our friendship while I seek mz right. The thing is I am not seeking Mz. right as much as I am seeking friends who will be a part of life, sexual partners and confidants who know that my time will be limited to be with them but will be cherished time while we are togther.
This is a different world now than when I was young and I have dicovered a society of people who are very open sexually but also cautious about who they meet. Which in this day and age is a good thing. The ages range from 18 to people in their 90's, Most people probably have no idea there are people here on this site who were born at the begining of the last century. Think about that near a century old and still wants to be a sexual being, how wonderful the human spirit. I once read an article that said sex was the third most needed part of human comfort behind food and shelter. Is it any wonder then that so many people are here seeking that most intimate of human interaction.
Since I first started with AdultFriendFinder I have found the best way to meet people is to join a group and participate in the discussions become an active member of the group, be a part of the community. We are hungry for attention even the mental stroking we get from some online conversations.
This form of journal or log is a way to release so much for me. Few if any should find this blog any more interesting than what they put at the bottom of a bird cage, yet I was informed that this blog is the 22nd most watched blog in the state. That fact revealed I have trouble understanding why so few women make any contact but if you look at the ratio of male visitors to my blog to females it is about four to one male visits. Males here need to learn to seduce the women and saying "love your pic baby, let's get together and fuck" is not seduction. If that is what you seek go find a hooker and leave the people here to become friends who have some connection to each other before they decide to jump into bed. This is the biggest complaint I have heard from those females I have gotten to know here. Even though women here have all of the control over contact we men have the ability to seduce, if they are receptive they will let you know. If there is no response to no more than two e-mails move on otherwise you may as well be a stalker, bud she is not interested.
Enough picking on the men, you ladies It is just an observation but some of you don't think it nessesary to fill out more than the basic profile and then if you have to many "prefer not to say" in the profile you shoot yourself in the foot with me and I am sure with others. The more information you can fill out helps us to understand who and what it is you seek. I have very specific criteria for those I am looking to find and I have been very fortunate to have four women join my network, of those I have met one, who I hope will be a good friend for life, am in contact with another at least twice a week who I would like to see socially and see where things go from there. One is as I see it just an online friend who enjoys my comments to her blog. The fourth is someone who in time I hope will come to trust me enough to be the friend she joined my network to find, in part because she follows this blog.
There is one other, met here and we have been together only twice and the second time we made love. This woman is something differant she wants what I want but does not always have the time, she is one who I will have to take one day at a time. She has gone back to school to finish a degree and is working part time to maintain her home.
So in the larger scope of things a gentelman can find what it is he seeks if he is willing to work at it and wait for the women to know him and trust him. It is time I have and time I am willing to give to achieve that which I seek. Slow, passionate,deep and lasting sex with friends who appreciate that I really wanted to know who they were as a person before we decided to get into bed in the first place.

Ya'all have a nice night

gentelmanjim53 63M

10/9/2005 2:20 pm

Lioness, You are to kind, my simple words and thoughts can never compare to the beauty you create with your writing. Your descriptive imageary is clear as to paint a picture in the mind and at times presents itself not unlike a photogragh. This is not a talent I possess, my words come from life and its struggles, outrage at injustice, compassion for those in need. I do not have the ability to create a picture in the mind the way that you do. I too value the friendship we have and will always have kind words for you sweet lady.

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