What women want , a subject for discussion  

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9/3/2005 12:57 pm

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What women want , a subject for discussion

Today as most days, it begins with coffee and a stroll to the computer to check e-mails catch some news and check the happenings at AdultFriendFinder.
Here there is no need or little to check e-mails as few if any are ever found here. This little fact does not escape my notice after having sent three or four in the last week. Silence, not even an auto-responder, which would be more than any of the women have done. The fact that there is no response is somewhat inconsiderate. Perhaps it is what I say, I read each profile and try to learn something about a person I wish to contact, the more complete the profile the more information on which to base a converstion, hence when I have learned what I am able to about this person I carefully word a contact e-mail to their profile. It has also become habit to see how often they are on-line, if someone is only on-line once a month i will not contact them, if they are there once every two weeks I will give them that amount if time to respond. Those who I am in contact with know I respond to e-mails as quickly as possible.
Having been more active this time around (was here before under different handle) I am getting to know some of the people in one of the groups. Through the discussion boards have learned their are some people in the group who could be very good friends and we all are in need of friends, and they are AdultFriendFinder'ers which means they are as diverse as sociaity but of an open mind toward sex and sexuallity. This is not the reason I came to AdultFriendFinder but may be the only good thing to happen here. Make contact with some good people and have an outlet where it is accepted to be highly sexual and it not be a bad thing.
I digress, back to what women want, perhaps it is that I am so ugly no one would want to be seen with me so there is no need to tell the poor sap that he looks like he was beaten with an ugly stick and they forgot to stop when i died.
Oh yes I know what it is, age, I have passed the half century mark, oh my god I should just shrivel up and blow away. Ladies here is a hint of male libido, Sen. Strum Thurmond of S.C. was 76 when he fathered his last child and his wife at the time was 35 years his junior, If it is still working there is no sense in not using it. I have tried to stay in shape and my work keeps me strong, as I have viewed other member profiles here some men have been viewed most are men who take care of themselves but a few do not show much below the shoulders and I suspect for good reason.
You ladies, or at least the ones who have taken care of what you were born with, probibly recieve at least one if not multiple e-mails each day, and yes you can afford to be selective, we all can, but a simple not interested makes me disapear much quicker than no response. My apologies to anyone who has recieved more than two, from now on I will send the first one if there is no contact I will simply move on to the next.
A contact here at AdultFriendFinder also broached this subject his reasoning is to many of you are looking for the bad boys and ignoring the good guys, my assesment is it is your loss, yes I consider myself a nice guy hence the handle most of you have never meet one and am not sure you deserve one.
So now Ladies it is your turn to weigh in on this. Rebuke me, prove me wrong and I will stand jugded an ass, but you must write it here in the comments section.

gentelmanjim53 63M

9/7/2005 1:21 am

Thanks Lioness, I know it will happen, just frustrated lately, it is strange to me that you would be the one to comment first on this and so kindly. Hope that one day we will be able to look back at this time in our lives and say this is when we became friends. Your word touch and inspire and always come from the heart. Thanks again.
P.S. We will have to talk about doing some fishing some time.

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