The journey continues  

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The journey continues

"This will ba a time when I need you my friend, perhaps for a quick get away, but you and I will scout out this Wind Storm Castle and if we be an enemy to them that hold it, then I will need your strength and speed." Think as I might could find no good reason to leave this cottage in the wood, but I would need allies and the good graces of the local Lord. In this and with the information I had received I should be welcomed by those who were in control of this house.
The journey would take me a day to be within sight of the Castle itself, there I would observe the comings and goings of the place and know the routines. As often as I could I would move to each, to watch and know when things would change. Which guards were on station, if they were the same ones each time. This I had calculated would take me three days as the Keep had three entrances. The Castle was built on a peninsula of land over looking the sea to the west, with the two main entrances being the East (the main and largest) and the South (this being the smaller and lighter defended). The third but a heavy door to the north. On the third night I ventured to the seaward side and found that the Castle had another entrance and it was only by chance that I learned of it at all.
I was working my way through the rocky terrain to better have a look at this side of the Castle, when out of the rocks appears a most lovely lady. The Moon was up and her flaxen locks shone in that light, she was cloaked against the chill air of the sea, but I could tell she was a lady of the house by the way she carried herself and the clothes she wore.
She stood for a moment smelling the night air, then hurried to some near by rocks and began to gather lichens and mosses from the rocks, this I realized must be one of the healers of the house. In my youth I had been given to one of the healers as his student to learn of the herbs and spices used to heal the sick. This would have been my profession but for the lack of skilled archers and at age 10 was taken to the archers for training.
As she moved among the stones she was careful not to disturb any of the mosses and herbs she found, working quickly she gathered what she needed and put them in a basket she carried. When she finished her chore she silently moved back among the rocks and as she had appeared, she vanished. I had heard no door, no sound but that of the sea below. It took me to near daylight to find the entrance and unless you knew just where to look you could walk past it and never know where it was, as I most likely did for most of an hour. If I had not seen just where she had disappeared I may never have found the entrance. It was coming on to daylight and I had no wish to be discovered from the walls above so retreated to the wood for the day. If this was a secret escape and unguarded it was a chink in the defenses and a thing to be remembered.
On the fourth day I knew how I would enter, at dusk the guards would allow villagers and travelers of trade to enter the courtyard for the night, this would be my way in. The letter of introduction I carried from my Queen would be given to a herald in the morning for delivery to a ranking member of the household, from there I hoped to be introduced to the head of the house for consideration of my asylum.
That little cottage in the wood was looking very nice to me as I entered the courtyard, knowing I would sleep little just watching the furs and pelts I had on my saddle for trade. The next day would be the test.

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9/2/2006 12:26 pm

I love this stuff too. Medieval knights, fair maidens, faeries, all things of fantsy and a good escape for a few minutes.

Bye everyone, it was a blast

gentelmanjim53 replies on 9/2/2006 1:35 pm:
Tracy, Honey this is just the beginning of the story it's going to get better, I promise.

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