Strangers yet friends  

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10/18/2005 7:23 pm

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Strangers yet friends

The interesting thing about this form of journal is that we make friends with others who bear there souls here. I have four blogs that I watch with consistancy and in some small way we have connected on some level.
One in particular is a gifted writer and prolific in their writing and will, in time, be one the national board for most watched blog. This is someone who is discreptive to the point of painting a picture of words before the imagination that is as vivid as a photograph.
Many writers work years to obtain the level of skill that this person seems to, with ease, put forth upon the keyboard. I try to write and am adequeate in the skill of forming words into cohereant sentences and following a line of thought. To be able to unleash the mind with word and paint the portrait in the minds eye is something I woud love to be able to do.
We have meet this weaver of thought and mind and in the meeting we have formed a bond for each of us is dealing with many of the same things in our lives. Before we meet we would support each other through our comments to each others blog now it seems that they have the freedom that has been long coming and have cast off the past to a bright new future. Now the words are for me and ease some of that which I face and I am thankful to this stranger friend. Our style of word differ so much yet each writes with the passion of our hearts, they with the artistic ability of an author, me with the cold hard realilism of a journalist.
Once long ago I wrote poetically but few ever read that part of who I was then for I wrote mainly for me and from the heart that was then and is now lonely for a womans touch.
Here I do not write for anyone but me and to lessen the burden that I have placed upon myself for I have found this to be a place to rid myself of demons and find the strenght to face each days challenges. Through all of this they have little by little been there to encourage and remind me that none of us is alone in our trials and that life will always be what we make it to be.
Now if you have read this far you realize that I have not disclosed gender nor divulged any identity and for a purpose for this is someone who has my respect and I hope friendship and I will never give up that kind of information here. They will be known in time, for their talent will spill forth on to the regional scene, if it is not already there and the national board will run their work soon I think.
Their style of writing is picturesque and discriptive, mine literary and journalistic, not the bard of long ago, that muse has moved onto more talented people. The love of the written words is our bond and to that end I thank thee dear friend your praise though ill my talent to be praised by the likes of thee, so skilled as to blush the sun with thy words and shame the moon it's allure with the beauty of your thoughts. I will always cherish your words and welcome your comments for it is strangers we are and friends we will always be. Your servant.

gentelmanjim53 63M

10/19/2005 8:37 pm

We are friends and it is a cherished thing to me dear lady

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