Of Love and sex  

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9/10/2005 3:39 am

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Of Love and sex

Titled this blog of life love and sex and have only written about life so far, time to remedy that.

The love of my life is and will always be the one women who took me for what I was, knowing the flaws and excepting all that I was not,but enjoying all that I had to give. For fifteen years I gave to her my heart and soul, my strength and body and my love and understanding. To love someone is always to see two sides to everything, theirs and your own, find the common thread and make that what the two of you are about.
Far to often will I fall into conversation with a coworker or friend about their partner or spouse and listen as they rant on about something they did or did not do. Most of these conversations deal with the day to day, but the older the person, the longer they have been together, it is usually the lack of sex. One or the other is just not interested or at the least not when whoever it is I am talking to is in the mood.
I dearly love my wife, soon to be ex, but it became impossible for us to have sex and she asked if I could live without sex. I should have at that point just been honest and told her "No I do not want to live without sex." and opened a dialogue on a solution. Though knowing my wife as I do it would have come to this anyway. I doubt she would have let me have a girlfriend on the side.
Please take note of the fact that I did not use the past tense in saying "I love my wife" because I do and always will. We were good together and our life together was not always wine and roses but we knew how to take care of each others needs. We could read each others moods and know when to step in with a hug or just sit down and listen when we needed to unload on what was troubling one of us. We were comfortable together but for her that was enough and I just could not keep going like that.
I swear I was born a dirty old man, I realized at an early age that there was a great deal of pleasure to be had between my legs. It wasn't to much after that, that I found out that women had someplace to put that thing. WoHoo! gotta try this. Well things being as they were and times being what they were that didn't happen until I was in my late teens and on my own, but I made up for lost time and learned many things mostly from older women.
I believe myself to be a very passionate person, a lover who pays attention to his partners wants and wishes, willing and open to new encounters and wanting to meet those somewhat near to me who are of like mind. This is the part that is without a doubt proving to be the most difficult, but as with all things, with a little time ,a lot of patients and some perseverance, I will find what it is I seek.
From one dirty old man to all you rude ladies who don't say diddly one way or the other, someone out there will take the chance on this old man and find we don't shrivel up and lose our abilities just because the clock put a 5 in front of our age. Most healthy active men who take care of themselves can stay active well into their 70's. To the Hunt, Y'all have a nice day.

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