Life and the mysteries of everyday  

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3/15/2006 4:11 pm

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Life and the mysteries of everyday

I have not made time of late to make entries here do in part to forces outside of this part of my life. Living is a chore we all have to deal with at times and not always pleasant but what must be done.
With that said each day is new and I look for the humor and good things that each day can bring. So often I see people on the street or in their cars who look like they just had a shit sandwich without enough bread. God help me when I can not find enough good things in my life to at least smile and be pleasent with those around me and not look like a grump.
All to often I have to wonder what can be so devistating in their lives to make them look so sour? I am not wealthy, nor do I possess great wisdom, but I know when those around me are not feeling well or are in a bad mood, it shows in every line on their face and every move of their body.
Perhaps they feel so alone that the world has become a place to fear and it scares them to be in it. For this I have no answer. I have learned that friends are what makes me happy give me the hope I need to do what it is I do well. So to those who know me and consider me a friend I would like to thank you for all the smiles you have put on my face, for all the warmth you hae brought to my life and for giving me that spark at the begining of each day to rev up my engine and go out and make someone laugh or smile.

ya'all have a good one

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