I have found a muse  

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7/31/2006 6:55 pm

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I have found a muse

Some here who follow these ramblings may notice a change. I have a muse who wishes me to follow a small dream, so please indulge me my fantasy.

As I sleep I feel the soft breath of wings near my ear, about to brush it aside, do I feel a kiss, ever so gentle upon my cheek. I do lie still not knowing if what i have felt is real or a dream. But soft do I hear a voice, as if in a distance, could it be she, the water fairy?
I roll to my back, daring not to open my eyes, for fear of startling her away. She is shy but is infatuated with this mortal who has done her a kindness and so she has returned to thank him.
I ask what could be so that you would come back to this human world. She is quite for a moment but speaks softly when she sees his eyes closed, to thank you again for your kindness, I have never met another human like you. Most are unpleasant and have no time for us, most do not even believe we exsist, yet you see what you know is not but a dream and believe with an open heart.
I lay there wishing to open my eyes but not sure she will stay if I do, cautiously I open one slowly and there she is upon my chest, crosslegged smileing at me with ever so slight a twinkle in her eyes.
I say to her it was no great feat to open a window on such a night and let you in, you seemed not to like the lightning and I was a bit lonely. You were good company, though like now but a dream. Says she, Oh but I am not a dream and have come to help you with your book. Book? of what do you speak little fairy I have no book in me. Says She, it is the one you have dreamed of writing and not had the courage to start.
Oh now this is a dream, says I, for it is only in my dreams that ever did I think to write. A book say you, about what says I? It is in your heart, says she. To this I have no answer for what that muscle dose for me the passion it once had is no more. I say as much and she whispers to me then let me give you back the passion and the courage will come with each page that you write.
One eye still on her and she still smileing at me I am thinking. I have had many stories to tell but never thought my skills to be worthy now comes this little water sprite to tell me she will help me with a book. If this be not a dream then an outline should I think, plot line and story, begining to end, Oh lord can this be? She is most insistant, she crawls to my chin smiles broadly and kisses me on the lower lip and suddenly flutters off into the night. Oh but the quetions she has left behind.

Ya'all have a great day

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