I get a kick outa Kids  

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7/21/2006 11:32 am

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I get a kick outa Kids

At work the other day I was chatting with a co-worker and he said he was going to see the new Superman movie this weekend. Foolishly I asked if he remembered the tv series, surprised he said " They had a series?" Well this touched off a whole discussion about age and some jovial ribbing as well with we who are more experienced.
I should at this point explain that where I work is 90% people under 40, 50% under 30, so the few of us who have more years of experience some times feel we are babysitting. The company is an electro coater, which is painting with electricity, and needs to be cured in an oven. This oven is at 400 degrees F all day so the building is warm in the winter and hades in the summer. The emotions mixed with the heat are not a good combination and add in high levels of testosterone and estrogen it can be like a school playground at times. The work for these young people is brutally physical and the parts they are handling are hot so one can understand that a certain level of stamina is required but it also shortens tempers.
My years of construction work in all kinds of weather and dealing with the elements and the public were training for this job. The level of competence for this work, on their part, is relatively low. My position is more skilled and dose not require me to be as physical as they but I came from a very physical job to this and the conditioning of a lifetime.
One of the things I find interesting is how well I am able to get along with so many of these young people, some look to me as the voice of reason others just keep their distance. One or two have come to know that when things get crazy and frustration is about to boil over I am the one they look to, to explain the situation or offer some reasonable way to deal with it and move on.
Yes to these young people I am OLD, in some cases older than their parents. In my own defense I have to say that I told one of the young guys the other day how old I was and his reply was I did not look that old, so for an old fart I still look pretty good.
I feel younger than some of these kids and on any given day I can still out work most of them, but to do what they do day to day I would have to be 20 years younger.
Just my thought on some of our young people, Ya'all have a good day.

Hydragenias 56F

7/21/2006 5:19 pm

Reading this made me think of a time, not too long ago, when I had gone to my "unit leader" at work to ask him a question about something. He is in his late 20's. I walked up to him, and being my funny self, I started singing "Help, I need somebody, Help, not just anybody, Heeelp. He looked at me like WTF? LOL
I asked him "don't you know that song?"
He had NEVER heard of it!
I just can't imagine, LOL

gentelmanjim53 replies on 7/22/2006 3:02 am:
Hydra, It boggles the mind what they have no idea about and we take for granted. You have a lovely day.

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