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9/11/2005 4:24 am

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As we pass through this world we interact with people every day and in so doing we develop relationships with some of these people, they are called friends. In this life I have been blessed with a number of friends who for their own reasons have remained at my side through some of my darkest days.
Today I would like to thank those who have been there for me. They know who they are and I need not expose them here, but to each I will say thank you.
How is it that we determine a friend? Is it just the ones we have known for a long time and interacted with? Is it someone who has done us a kindness or put themselves out for us? What is it that determines a friend?
Long ago I came to realize that I had friends, most of whom had no idea that I considered them as such. They were a part of my life and if need be I would drop everything to help one of them in need. Is this what a friend is?
Others have been more like family, people to whom I could tell anything and not be judged. Yelled at perhaps, but not judged. Strange that this is what I find in the friends I have, they are to me like family. People for whom I would do most anything if they needed it or asked me to do it for them. I have a plaque that is inscribed with this saying,"he who enters here is but a stranger once", Irish in origin I believe and a good saying.
The time I have spent here has not been wasted for the most part , due in part to those with whom I have interacted. The only thing missing is the social interaction of physically getting together, soon this will happen and I look forward to meeting some of those with whom I have had conversations. Others from here may be months before we meet and some maybe never.
As dawn breaks on a new day it is my hope that my friends know that I am here if they need me. Most of them know what I will and can do and will ask when in need.
To all those future friends I say thank you for letting me be a part of your lives, each of you enriches me with knowledge, kindness and hope.

rm_blondeet 59F
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9/11/2005 10:57 am

you are a pretty sweet gentleman. kootos.

gentelmanjim53 63M

9/11/2005 5:30 pm

ET, have not felt much as to emotion since May, six words from you and I am crying like a baby. thank you sweet lady

rm_blondeet 59F
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9/19/2005 3:59 pm

well hey,
i do the blue funk thing and the long term friends.. we yell at each other to get it straight. just 'cause there is love. now i'm in tears. your friend. Et

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