Friday the 13th  

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1/14/2006 5:34 am

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Friday the 13th

This is the title of a Horror flick, it was also yesterday's date and both seem to have coincided with the other.
I woke to a scathing e-mail that set the mood for the day and it was not a preety mood. Plans for tonight have been set and people are looking for a good time and this to the best of my ability will I provide, but relations have been strained with someone I do not know well, yet is the organizer of the event. I have yet to determine how it became my fault for any complaints but will do my best to calm any fears if possible.
The rest of the day consisted of work which for the most part was good and went smoothly until near the end of the day and then the spirits decided to throw in a FUBAR, so what should have been a normal eight and a half hour shift turned into a 10+ hour shift. Alls good and the work was completed.
The date and the fact that there was a full moon last night just seemed to put the cap on a very shitty day. I should know better than to try and make arrangements for things with anyone else involved, in this I do work better alone. Note for the future, do it myself.
Today and tonight will be strained at best so the fun relaxing night planned is out the window but such is life. Now on to the tasks of the day and the horrors of the evening.

Ya'all have a good one

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