Erotic thoughts and dreams  

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9/22/2005 3:40 am

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Erotic thoughts and dreams

An online friend posted to his blog yesterday lamenting the state of his life and of being alone. What is it we seek here? Sexual encounter, romance, love? Yes all of the above, their are some who seek a mate others who seek friends with benifits and still others just looking for friends. I understand his feeling of frustration but he must not be a fisherman or hunter for it is patients, understanding and a willingness to wait that will lead to what it is he seeks.
I have come here in search of a number of things, first and foremost I seek friends who will not judge me for what I have done in the past but accept me for the who I am now and the life I have choosen to live. Second, I seek "friends with benifits", women who understand the life I have choosen does not lend itself to anything other than a long term friendship and if they agree I will do my best to make the time we spend together memorable. Third I came looking for a place to think and discuss with myself all that I need to reveal about this choice I have made.
In my dreams I see the woman who is what I seek or is that women, for the woman I seek is many things; she is sure of herself, well educated wheather in school or by life, she is conscience of her appearence and works at keeping herself in shape, she is open to ideas and willing to communicate about anything and lastly she must enjoy a very sensual man, one who will strive to please her in every way a woman likes to be pleased. This woman must be willing to tell me what it is she finds sexy what it is that turns her on and makes her wet just to think about it. Tell me of a kiss so hot that it rocks her to the core and I will find it in me to give her that kiss. Tell me of your fantasy and I will make it come true. Open up to me and there is no limit to the possibilities we might achieve.
Oh yes dear friends I have dreams, some very steamy dreams, dreams that arouse the senses and the body. Memories of past encounters that left us sweaty and exhausted but throughly satisfied. In time these will cease to be dreams for the day will come when a woman will be there and know that when we are together we will each part with the memory of that time we have spent with one another, be it a day at the park or a day in bed we each will be satisfied.
For now the dreams must suffice and I will wait and watch and make new friends. I hope my friend who for now is so frustrated reads this for it is in the waiting that we learn to savor the time when it is at hand and enjoy it all that much more. y'all have a sexxy day

mwende79 37F
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10/14/2005 3:34 pm

That is is such a great dream, and you have to make it happen.

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