Back to anonimity...Thank God  

gentelmanjim53 63M
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6/18/2006 11:08 am

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Back to anonimity...Thank God

It seems I have fallen from blog grace here, life has just been kickin' my ass lately and I have not blogged very often over the last two months. This is good as I was somewhat uncomfortable with the notoriety I was gaining. Blogging here began as a way to deal with more of the day to day shit that life hands us when our hands are full to begin with. The old saying "What does not kill you makes you stronger" is somewhat true but even the strong need rest and a place to renew that strength.
Here is where I dumped a lot of garbage out of my mind and in a way gained back some of the energy lost in the day to day struggle. I take longer to recoup the expense of mental and physical energies as it seems to be endless and I have not found any where or anything that rejuvenates lately. In the coming weeks I will have four days off in a row and I know there is much to be done around here, maybe at a pace that will not so strain the physical energies.
Though I have found a wonderful friend to enjoy time with, she too is stretched to the limit right now in need of some personal time to recharge. She has been working long hours and not had time center herself as she would like.I can understand this all to well, for I to need to find my spiritual balance again.
When I used to need to find my center before this I would perform a ritual, perhaps it is time to do this again and see if it helps bring the forces around me into focus. The ritual was one of meditation and reflection before a fire and a call to the spirits to renew the mind and body, always to carry on the battle that life can become when we let our mind get to cluttered with living.
Perhaps I have lost touch with the spirits because all that has happen this last year and need to seek their forgiveness and guidance again. Whatever it is this can only renew my faith that they still are there as they have been in the past when life was hard to deal with or unbearable in it's scope.
Time to return to that other reality.

vrec_dawn 39M

6/18/2006 12:31 pm

Better than forgiveness, ask for acceptance. If they love you, they'll take you just the way you are, faults and all.

But yeah, almost every day I start out with a moment spent with the spirits, especially those whom have chosen to work with me. It helps a lot to balance and reconnect with something beyond the mundane. Otherwise we forget it's even there for us to turn to when we need it.

Hope you're able to find a way to recharge.

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