A winter day  

gentelmanjim53 63M
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12/4/2005 7:04 am

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A winter day

I look out over a snow covered landscape from the warmth of the house as the sun rises and a new day is beginning. As the snow fell last night I was deep in converstion, one that lasted oh so short a time in the overall realm of time itself, but was insane for me who is mature in this world of those who seem so young. I was frivolous to spend four solid hours talking to her but can not feel any regret. Hers is a voice that draws me deeper into her, brings out the best of the lover in me and lifts me to a level of desire it has been so very long since I have felt.
This desire only is magnified today for her voice is still in my ears and as we spoke we each felt it grow. Our voice as one became lower and filled with passion, speaking tenderly and of desire to be together. This is so new to feel this and yet something I should control. I find my thoughts straying to her and fight to gain control for there is much that I need to do and she is a sweet distraction.
To late, she is there again interupting my thoughts with images of us in each others arms, caressing each other, lost in the passion of the moment wanting nothing more than to quell the heat that we have right now. So very long has this been missing, this tidal wave of emotion, riding this wave to what end but feeling exilerated at the ride.
It will be five days until we can be physically together and I need to focus on work and the week ahead, day to day things that need to be attended to, yet I long now to hear her voice again, have her draw me into her as though I am a dream that can be touched and summoned at will.
This week will pass as quickly as all the others have but each day will seem over long until that time that I am on my way to her.
I read this over and know I sound like some love sick kid who should slow down take a breath and think. Yes, slow down and think, but she is suddenly there in my mind, purring softly in my ear and beaconing me to join her. Soon My sweet but for now I must turn to tasks at hand and make this the first day to end until that time we are together.

SexiHairGirl930 49F

12/4/2005 10:18 am

your words... your thoughts .. your desires... are all amazing GJ!!! It is amazing to feel "stirred" isn't it baby...?? for so long you sit and all settles to the bottom... to suddenly be stirred up... all the senses awaken..and WE feel alive... as We should.. Mxoxo

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