A gentelman in a gentelman's club  

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1/29/2006 6:07 am

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A gentelman in a gentelman's club

Last night was a re night out for this gentelman, a friend from my group and I went out to check on possible places to have a meet and greet. One of the suggestions was a night at a gentelman's club, now understanding this suggestion came from two of our ladies I thought it best to find the right place for a group of us to go.
KR and I started at a club that he had not been to before but knew of. Once inside we found the dancers to be quite lovely and athletic. This type of dancing is new to me as I have not frequented these establishments in 20 years, which in some cases is about the age of the dancers. They no longer have routines and are much more physical than they used to be, so long as you do not touch back they will provide each one who has a dollor with a tittie hug to the face or head, very nice for what it is worth to one of our ages.
We were also there to find out about what was told to me to be a private room for groups, which we had the chance to see and were very impressed. Quite in comparison to the main floor with it's own bar and comfortable seating and a private dance floor it should suit the needs of the group, as was our opinion upon a little discussion. The place is classy and discreet, very clean and well managed.
About an hour and a half into our time there KR said we needed to go to another club for comparison, so off we went.
The second club was deafening and the dancers much more free with the physical interchange, one actually bit me on the neck, very nice. This facility was less conducive to a group as it was very crowded very loud and had no place for a group to be separated from the general clientel. We both agreed it was fun but not the place for a large group to meet.
On a whole it was, for me, a good night out with a new friend and one I hope will be so for a long time to come. We had the chance to talk a little and get to know about each other and find the common ground that men seem to find if given the time.
I have not felt much like writting of late as life just seemed to be to overwhelming, but last night was a rare time and a good time with someone who I hope to know better as time goes on. It is this that keeps me going, the interactions and the friends who now are a part of my life. I sit here with the realization that life needs to be shaken not stirred, grabbed by the tail and held onto or it will slip away and the joy of life will be lost in the drudgery of work, life and living. Every once in a while you need to pull down your pants and slide on the ice.

justgone565 66M
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1/30/2006 8:09 pm

I am totally flattered being referred to as a gentleman. Thank-you GJ. We did have fun and dont forget we are the people our parents warned us about! I am looking forward to a fun summer with a new friend. Love those angel wings! KR

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