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6/26/2006 9:22 pm

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Video Conundrum!

I've been trolling around the site, joining some groups, and just looking for some interesting parties. What I have stumbled upon may make a dream of mine come true!

Someone posted trying to look for individuals interested in making an adult video for fun and profit. I have been enamored with porn since I was twelve, sneaking into my parent's dresser drawer, and watching them with the volume so far down that my head was against the speaker! I posted that I would probably like to work behind the scenes and provide any help I could. Others chimed in, both male and female. Lots of people in the greater Pittsburgh area were interested. Fabulous!

Well, the original poster of this has dropped out of sight for about 3 months, but people are still responding! This can happen, and it really SHOULD happen. I've kinda become the de facto point man to bring this all together. The pressure is starting to build.

However, aren't we supposed to do what you love to do for a living,if possible? I used to love tinkering with cars, so I became involved with that. I've gotten to a management level in my chosen field. And it SUCKS. All day long, I'm telling people bad news about their cars, shocking them with prices(But always providing top-notch service). I feel like I should come out of my office with a black hood and a scythe to talk to my customers! I'm really depressed about it, and my other great love is porno. What a great avenue! I just saw that douche bag who started the "Girls Gone Wild" videos, and the palatial manor in which he lives, and thought, "Why not me?"

One small problem: I have no clue how to go about it.

I was hoping that somebody with some bit of experience might help. I've got so many questions.

How do I go about contacting people about this in the most effective manner?
What type of equipment would provide the best results? Where can I rent said equipment, or can I subcontract videographers?
How do I compensate everyone? Straight cash, or a percentage of the total gross? Do I need to start with a big bankroll, or can I get by on a small budget?
Would there be a market for what I'd be shooting?
Would I have to go into production myself, or would someone want to purchase the rights to the footage?
How do I report this on my taxes?

I am agog with all this swirling around my head! I'm only a standard member so far, so no unlimited e-mail contacts, but I was hoping to meet some potential talent at a forthcoming Meet & Greet. I've had somebody volunteer his video equipment, but is it right?
I've only done the do-my partner-in-bed-with-a-camera-on-a-tripod thing that lots of folks do, no real planning.

So, I bring this to you, AdultFriendFinder members. Chime in with your experiences, your advise, and, hopefully, this will come to fruition and possibly start a cottage industry for me!

Your Gracious Blabberer
The General

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