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7/19/2006 5:13 am

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I often see on male profiles that they are interested in transexual or trans gendered partners. Doesn't seem to be something the females even the bi ones are that interested in.As a bicurious woman it's not an option I've previously considered...am I missing something?
What are your thoughts.

Have you or do you want to have sex with a transexual or transgendered person?

Is it the best of both worlds or the worst?

Would you, could you, have you?

If you are TS or TG which do you prefer M or F partners?

Always curious......details please.

shyblueeyes1968 48M

7/22/2006 11:44 am


having tried women and men, and found men rather lacking, i do wonder what a TG/TS would be like. Not a bloke in a dress, but a women with something extra, now that would be interesting.

I sort gone part of the way, in that i have several female partners who have used a strap-on and vibrators on me, and so, it seams that the next step would be to try that. There something sexy about the thought of meeting a beautiful women, and slowly lifting her skirt to be confronted with a hard-on.

I think a lot of men think about this, and also about being bi, the problem is they are too afraid to even admit it to themselves let alone to anybody else. Lets face it most men can;t even talk to there wives and girlfriends about sex...other than penertrative sex. You only have to read some of the advice line posting to see that many are incapable of doing so. Personally, whats the point of being in a relationship with somebody when can't talk in a mature and open manner about each others feelings.

As to sharing there inner most desires with there mates, most blokes would rather slap the oldman between two slices of bread, stand in front of a Rocwillier and shout dinner time Fido, then hint that they may desires for something other than "straight" sex. No, much better to go on so and so boobs.

Hmmmm i think i drawing away from subject....

As to what the attraction is, i think its like so many things, its different and excotic, kinky even, and to be honest, many TG shemale are very attractive women (apart from the extra equipment.

However that said, i can;t get into the idea of a guy dressing up as a women, Transesivtes just don't work for me, unless they have feminine build.

As to having sex with a TG/TS, oh yes please, just as soon as i can get over my initial shyness....LOL

geminiwarrior 57F

7/22/2006 4:26 pm

Thanks for being so candid. It is refreshing to find a man who is so articulate and not afraid to make his desires public. Hope you get what you want, I think you can more than handle it.

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