Special Election part 1 of a series  

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6/27/2005 10:33 pm

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Special Election part 1 of a series

Well he did it..... even in the face of massive public opposition Governor Schwarznegger set a November 8th special election in California. Why did he do this when his poll numbers are lower than Pete Wilson and he has so much to lose?

The reason is simple... he wants to break the backs of the Democratic party in california. Firstly, he wants to render the California Teachers Association without any clout at all by making teachers have to wait 5 years to be tenured. This will certainly result in fewer people turning to teaching for their careers when we need them the most and will leave those that do at the mercy of management as to how long they will be employed (which in my humble opinion is tantamount to scab labor) The so called paycheck protection initiative will render the rest of organized labor irrevelant because they donate thousands of dollars to the California Democratic party and the County Committees. Lastly, redistricting... non partisan retired judges.... YEAH RIGHT.... as I stated in my first article there is no such thing. These judges will draw lines worse than Tom DeLay did in Texas and California will become a red state faster than a rigged ohio diebold voting machine tallying those fairly cast votes.. (note the bit of sarcasm LO

Lastly, this election is simply a colossal waste of money. We simply cannot afford it. The initiative process has become a horrible way to legislate. Any bunch of kooks can throw stuff on the ballot... please note that this special election the right to lifers got an parental consent initiative on the ballot

Gemini rrw will cover this election closely and will cover each initiative in detail as they become finalized for the ballot.

Let's pay the Governor back in 2006 and send him back to Hollywood. I mean really... he is not evern that great of an actor and has been an evern worse Governor.

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