Republican Hypocrisy  

geminirrw 55M
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6/19/2005 12:33 am

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Republican Hypocrisy

Every time I read Republican party commentary or see it on TV I always hear them talking about freedom and relating it to lower taxes, less regulation, prospering business ad infititum. However the Republican party is very hypocritical when ti comes to using the word freedom. They say they want more freedom, yet they are opposed to allowing people to love and marry as they choose. President Bush wants the Patriot Act renewed so law enforcement can look at what library books you are reading if you are "suspected" of terrorism. They are also very much opposed to people who are terminally ill and wish to privately smoke marijuana to ease their suffering and would even pass a special law in the name ( so they say YEAH RIGHT) of Terri Schiavo condemning a family decision to terminate life when there is no quality of life whatsoever. Lastly and most importantly, President Bush would very much like to also reverse Roe v Wade and turn the clocks on women 50 years.

Ironically back in the 1950's & 1960's when civil rights, voting rights, school desegregation decisions were being, these majority opinions were written by Justices who were Republican and appointed by Republican Presidents. Even thought they were fiscal conservatives, they still realized value of preserving the rights we so cherish. Even Barry Goldwater once said " you do not have to be straight to shoot straight... " referring to having gays in the military.

Today's Republican party is nothing like the party of the infamous Justices of the Supreme Court I am referring to. To support my argument, look at Vice President Cheney. He would not grant his own daughter the right to marry whom she chooses just so he can win a few extra votes from the extremists of the religious right. That is political pandering at its worst and he should be ashamed of himself just as the Republican party as a whole should be ashamed of their hypocrisy and embrace the freedoms most everyone agrees that we should have

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