Health Care Reform  

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7/10/2005 4:56 pm

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Health Care Reform

Right now in the United States there is roughly 45 million Americans who have no health care insurance. The vast majority of the people who do not have health insurance are not on welfare or living on the street. They are people who are working trying just to make ends meet. Alot of these folks are single parents or they are working two jobs. The uninsured are one disaster away from being bogged down in hospital bills or being forced to file for bankruptcy. The saddest part is children who are uninsured. Many times many of the illnesses that uninsured face could have been avoided if they had access to preventive medical care. These folks are forced to go to emergency rooms for treatment when they should be able to see a doctor as any insured individual could.

What is also making the problem worse is the cost of prescription drugs. Pharmaceutical companies are making money hand over fist as to what is paid retail for drugs. Many of these companies, insurance and drug, also donate alot of money to candidates (mostly republican) who oppose reform in health care. It is my opinion we will not see any reform in health care until the big money from these corporations is made illegal and then the buying of candidates will come to an end.

Of course, meaningful legislation would have to be passed. I believe the legislation that best serve the public is single payer health care. If everyone is insured, costs will be lowered. More money would be available for research. Money would also be saved in other areas of public asssitance since many of the uninsured would be off public assistance. As for Prescription drugs, there should be strict regulations as to what can be charged and goverment entities should be able to bargain for the lowest prices in order to keep costs down. The public also pays for advertising on Television. The practice of advertising prescription drugs should be against the law.

The status quo in health care is a crisis and maintaining it only benefits corporations that are part of the health care industry. It is high time we started putting people first and make sure everyone has access to quality health care.

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