Governor Schwarznegger to call a Special Election  

geminirrw 55M
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6/12/2005 7:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Governor Schwarznegger to call a Special Election

What could could the State of California do right now with an extra 100 to 300 million dollars? For one, the Governor could choose to begin to pay back the 2 billion dollars he took from public education he promised to return. But instead he is choosing call a special election this November. At a time when our schools need it the most the Governor thinks it is a good idea to have this election which of course features ballot propositions that he has endorsed and qualified for the ballot. Here is why this special election is a bad idea

The Governor promised to repay the 2 billion dollars he took from education. He has not lived up to that promise. The cost of this special election could purchase over 1000 new school busses for our school districts.

Much of the momey being raised to run the campaing interests has come from wealthy corporate donors who do not reside in California The Governor has spent much more time traveling raising campaign money than he has spent in Sacramento conducting the peoples business. In fact, Lt. Gov Bustamante has been acting Governor more times than Lt. Gov Gray Davis did when Pete Wilson was Governor. People who do not live in california are contributing thousands of dollars to do nothing more than finance a special interest power grab here in Sacramento. Fundraising like that should be against the law.

Many of our Counties are facing difficult financial times. Without question, essential public services will have to be cut if this election takes place.

Lastly, these propositions are just bad ideas anyways. Teachers should not have to wait 5 years to become tenured at their jobs. " Non-Partisan" retired judges drawing legislative boundaries..... YEAH RIGHT.... as if there was such a thing. Most retired judges were appointed by guess who..... many of the same folks who are behind this special election. Lastly, why should we pass new spending controls on the budget that the Governor supports? He promised us that his bond measure would be the fix all for California, which has proven to be false. Why should we trust him now when he has so blatantly lied to us already?

When public money is so badly needed for things here in California, this special election is a bad idea. It is nothing more than a power grab to permanently weaken organized labor and to further their own personal agendas. This type of pandering and special interest politics should be rejected and a mesasge be sent that this is bad for the State of california because it will have dramatic effect on those who need our help the most.

CurrySisalChomp 52M
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6/12/2005 10:40 am

Numerous good points there dude. Alas, this is symptomatic of how politics is being run thought the country. Have you checked out any of the recent news from Ohio (Reported in the Toledo Blade newspaper)? The partisan crap, and the payoffs are happening everywhere.

We (the voters) need to wake our asses up and 'unelect' any incumbant, regardless of party and do some serious house cleaning with State and Federal levels of Government.

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