Governor Schwarznegger and fundraising  

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8/25/2005 11:13 am

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Governor Schwarznegger and fundraising

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One of the things that Governor Schwarznegger crtiticized Gray Davis about was the amount of money he was raising from so called "special interests". In terms of the special election coming up this November, this of course means Public Employee Labor Unions, which are specifically targeted by the Governor as well as redrawing legislative district boundary lines so California can become a "red state".

Anyways, the Rolling Stones opened their summer/fall tour in Boston just about a week ago.
Governor Schwarznegger had a Luxury box where he accepted $100,000 per person donations to watch the concert in his box. Now, I don't care what political party you belong to, that type pandering should be against the law. When corporations or individuals donate that type of money, they are expecting favors in return. Just take a look at the supplemental nutrition bill that Gov. Schwarznegger vetoted. Now this was not related to contibutions, but he certainly was receiving a large salary from the magazine and they certainly did have access to him when that bill came to his desk from the legislature. The legislature next session should be taking a hard look at reforming this problem with fundraising here in California. Removing this type of activity would certainly have a dramatic impact on restoring the faith that govermment is for the people and not just a bunch of rich corporate interests.

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