Thanks... ZK, Lingerie, and Boots  

gembarok 48M
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7/7/2005 11:28 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Thanks... ZK, Lingerie, and Boots

Thanks for the comments on my blogs and the music suggestions. One thing about me is I tend to not respond back to those comments because I like to believe I don’t have to have the last word all the time. One thing I hate is I send an email to someone, say someone I am inviting to my network, and they read it, view my profile, read my blog, and then don’t even drop a note to say they are or are not interested. I mean hell… even the jack asses that I know are just fishing for my email address to send me Penis enlargement advertisements still get a response from me. It’s like even Morgan and Kelly send me an email once a day to have me go to their website, verify my ID, so I can get their phone number. (Gullible… not stupid) So… mean people suck… nice people swallow. (I prefer to be swallowed) Answer the damn email. I have cast the gauntlet down.

A friend asked me what kind of porn I watched. It has to be tasteful and erotic. I have gotten more worked up over a Zalman King flick then any porno ever. Zalman… love you ZK. Remember Red Shoe Diaries? Loved them all. That is how I want my episodes from AdFF to go. A woman who loves to wear lingerie instead of nothing at all. WWEFD to a woman in lingerie…? Snatch her up, place a passionate kiss on her neck and sweep her to the bedroom. I am all over it Errol. Now if you add a set of calf length high heeled boots… I’ll melt.

I'd be interested to know what my Lover would want me to wear? The music is on... oil lamps lit... I am thinking... one of those medieval looking shirts opened...

ExploreMore4Me 59F

7/8/2005 5:32 am

OMG...You're killing me here! Absolutely one of those shirts! Whew! It's hot in here...but what a fire! (I just wrote my blog entry about what a man's chest does for me...and now I read this!....I need a shower! )


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