Ohhhh.... what a Stud...  

gembarok 48M
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6/30/2005 5:32 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ohhhh.... what a Stud...

So, as if online dating wasn’t hard enough. I browsed the profiles and discovered three women whom I found to be attractive and appealing. I sent them messages figuring hey… maybe one of them might be real. But I started to see a connection. The girls were very adamant about black guys. As in… NO black guys. I thought it was odd… so I started digging. All three apparently had sex with the same guy and gave him rave reviews in the testimonials. I mean OVERLY rave. LOL… women don’t talk like that. Then I checked the dates they last were on-line. All the same. So… is dude a dude or is dude a female. Is dude a dude looking for a dude… or is dude a dude looking for a female… or is dude a female looking for a dude… or is dude a female looking for a female… No matter what… dude is a Jack ass. Which leads to this…

Fake shit. I think I have had my share of meeting folks who claim to be one thing they are not. I prefer my women petite or athletic. I have nothing against other body types… but they just don’t appeal to me sexually. Why bullshit on your profile. Because bottom-line is this… if you lied on your profile… you will lie to me elsewhere. And I ain’t interested. I am me… I am Kevin. My pictures… I am 6’2” and weigh 200 pounds. My veins show… I am athletic. I work out. That is my face, my hair, my eyes. Not anyone else’s. That is me. I am finishing up the divorce and I am NOT Kevin the man whore who wants a bunch of little honeys rolling around. I want friends with benefits so to speak. Because after just going through the emotional shit I just went through… I am not ready for more. If it comes… then it comes. If it comes then I want her to know I then have friends without benefits. Is this so hard?

Finally… I found out my dogs are lesbian… I never should have had Meatloaf’s nuts taken… My Network friends get to see the full pic… but I included it as an icon for non-network members.

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