Han Solo, Hair, and Picture...  

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7/8/2005 6:58 am

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Han Solo, Hair, and Picture...

When I was a kid… we didn’t have enough money to go see Star Wars. (I think we did… but that is another story) It never came on regular TV. When I grew up I began punishing myself by never watching the movie. I am probably the only person who has never seen this damn thing. But I could tell you everything about it. No matter though, to this day, I still continue to punish myself for someone else’s meanness by never watching it. Now some day, a special woman is going to come along and want to see Star Wars with me and I will refuse because of that part of my past. She may even rent the DVD and I will refuse to look. That will be hard to approach… when that time comes. Now I know no one knows what the hell I am talking about… who wouldn’t want to see the “Princess?” But believe me… somewhere out there is someone who will understand.

I am in need of a 5th picture for my profile and I am soliciting suggestions from the studio audience. What would you like to see? For once I will put the something up that I am asked. Even if it is a damn dick shot, action shot, or just a particular color clothing. I will also need someone to help with taking the picture… photographer to be chosen in the future. (smile, wink, nudge)

I am also contemplating growing my hair back and would like the assistance of the membership. I included a picture from about two years ago (before I took this current job) of what I looked like with long hair. Ladies, which would you prefer? I like pleasing a woman and sometimes I am graphically honest about that in my messages. A friend told me that it is a turn-off doing so… and I value her word. But I am not the type to say something like… “Most women never know what it is like to have it between their thighs” when I do grow it back… so… bald, short, or long… your answer please.

(Princess Lips)

7/12/2005 11:22 pm

ok I'll bite.lol


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