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5/23/2005 4:15 pm

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Wow... I was going through some boxes of stuff from back when I was a teenager, and I found my old poetry notebook. Most of it's stupid, silly, and not worth the time to read LOL. But I found a few that bring back some memories... check them out if you want. Just remember that I was only about 15/16 when I wrote these LOL.

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5/23/2005 4:29 pm

Believe In Me
Copyright 1988 Marcella B.

A voice cried out from inside of me.
A voice with only a single plea.
A voice which says
"Won't you please believe in me?"

It may be hard for you to understand,
But if you try I know y ou can.
Why is it you won't even give me
The time of day?
Why is it you won't even give me
A chance to say

I love you, Friend.
I need you til the end.
I only ask won't you please
Believe in me.
Can't you see?

I need a friend who will always
Believe In Me.

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5/23/2005 4:33 pm

Day By Day
Copyright 1988 Marcella B.

Day by day is how we must live.
Don't let the past haunt you,
Just leave it behind.
Don't let the future taunt you.
Don't let it control your mind.
Don't let others rule over you,
Because one day you will find

True love comes from the heart.
If it's love we have,
No one will ever tear us apart.
It's our decision,
Our own life we're living.
So let's take the time to say
We'll live it day by day.

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5/23/2005 6:14 pm

Copyright Marcella B.

In January I was a penguin,
Short and fat.
I swam through the water saying,
"How fun this is!"

April came, and I turned into
A little, yellow bee.
I flew from flower to flower,
Smelling each one in turn.

When the month of July came around,
I became a firefly.
My eyes were green, my wings were blue.
I flew around and watched
The beautiful colors of the fireworks.

October came so suddenlyl,
And I transformed into a big, black cat.
I belonged to a little girl,
And every day she would
Chase me around, pulling my tail.

Finally, when it turned December,
I became me once again.
Me, a young and pretty teenage girl.
I shoulted to my friend and told her,
"I liked being all those different things.
But I'm me, and I like myself
Just the way I am."

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