Geisha Rites of Passage....  

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12/25/2005 11:07 pm

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Geisha Rites of Passage....

I recently went through some of my old letters (I never throw anything away!)and came across my very first G2G love letter. I was reminded of high school days and my unnatural sports fetish which opened up all kinds of opportunities for self exploration. All those overnight trips out of town with busloads of girls and knowing I would be crammed into a small hotel room with at least five at a time! If only Suicide Girls had been around then to explain that it was ok to admire other women's bodies! I was only 16 and attending a school in the suburbs of Mesquite, TX, famous for their badass lady atheletes. All of us were very feminine and all about looks and the latest styles, of course. Most of the girls were like life sized Barbie's, complete with sexy tan lines and perfect white toothed smiles.

I remember wondering why I looked forward to Atheletics everyday when it only consisted of 45 minutes of sweat and pain. OK, we were all pretty open sexually and things got pretty racy with 10 naked girls playing around in the shower. Hmmmmm I was dating *Star Jock* at the time. So, naturally, I was usually the LAST one out of the shower, leaving him patiently waiting in the hall. He was always ticked off that *Gal Pal* was permanently attached to my hip all the time. She loved to slap my ass and steal quick tittie tweaks when he was watching, all in good fun, of course. Hey, girls just wanted to have fun in 80's, right! Ok, I was a little too excited when she looked into my eyes one day, all serious and a little unsure of her own intentions and meekly asked to *STUDY* with me after school at her place, as if it were some sort of big step for her. She kind of made a big deal explaining that it was "imperitive" because she was not sure if she would pass the next math test and could be kicked off the volleyball team..... OMG, this was a true emergency!! We were, after all, the champions of just about everything back then. I didn't even realize it would really be like a *First Date* for me, at least, until I caught myself wondering what her lips would feel like while kissing *Star Jock* one day after practice. I don't remember how we moved from studying to practicing dance moves (had to teach her to slow dance, of course) and I couldn't tell you how we ended up lying side by side on the pool deck, counting stars and giggling at nothing in particular. What I can tell you is this, that was the most exciting and memorable semester of school for me! After that day, we were inseperable and who cares that her boyfriend broke up with her because I told him to Fuck-Off when he complained about who she spent all her time with. Didn't matter to me that she slammed a basketball into *Barbie 3*'s back because she grabbed me during practice and (accidentaly) rubbed her tits against my back. We all were young, silly and closer to God than we ever will be again. A kiss here, holding hands there. I love how carefree life was and how easily we were pleased. A relationship, to us simply consisted of constant communication and being better friends than best friends.

Years later, she actually tracked me down on a base in Germany. i could not believe we both benefited so much from that friendship. She thanked me for giving her good memories to fall back on in hard times. We get together every couple of years now and she is still as gorgeous and bubbly, with 2 kids and a succesful, sexy husband.

I love men AND women! I have always felt that there is too much beauty in the world to waste time limiting yourself to any one thing. (Or did I hear that in a movie somewhere and just adopt it? ~LOL~) You might miss that one person who can leave you with memories that last forever or give you a lifetime of happiness. I wish everyone would just forget what has programmed into their brains regarding the "Norm" and "Socially Acceptable" and get about the business of thinking outside the box!


Fairy_Gothmother 41F

12/26/2005 9:15 am

You love whom you find lovable. Gender/sex doesn't really matter, it's the soul inside.

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