Colors of Sapphire  

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1/8/2006 12:53 pm

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Colors of Sapphire

It's funny. I was reminiscing today and realized that the most amazingly intense and passionate relationship I've ever had... was with someone I never met.

Her name was Sapphire, and we met through a poetry forum on AOL, quite some time ago. I enjoyed her writing, she liked mine, and we started talking about collaborating in something... and as we talked it over in IM, it was... wild. Intense. Absolutely fascinating.

What started as planning a project became a story we told each other, with ourselves as the chief characters; set in a world within our minds, where our will was law and goldfish smiled and pegusi had long and honorable lineages, and we mated on wing, like eagles; or before the fireplace on an alpaca fur rug...

This... strange fantasy world, it took hold of both of us, and we spent two months near breathless, writing to each other, lost totally in this dream. The real world, it was just something to be tolerated before we could come together again. Looking back, it seems strange, obsessive, but at the time... none of that mattered. We had made magic, and we lived it together.

But all stories come to an end, and ours did as well. I never even heard her voice... but I touched her soul, and that was enough.

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