The start of it.....this page anyway.  

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8/8/2005 9:28 pm

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The start of it.....this page anyway.

Hello everyone,
Where do I start, guess the begining. I've known since a very young age that I like guys. I had my first sexual experience at 15 with a guy that was 16 and have been hooked ever since. That was back in the 80's tho and things were harder then they are now. I believe that society accepts gay men a little easier now. So I've stayed in the closet until about 3 years ago.
I had relationships with a few women and have even been married, twice. Both ended in me catching them cheating. The thing that pissed me off with that is they didn't share the man with me!!!!(lol) I kinda think that I probably made them cheat tho, as sex was not that important to me and usually had to be initiated by them. So am I pissed at them......not really. All they did was get me out of a relationship that I didn't want to be in.
But now, I'm here and glad of the company I've had thru the years. I'm looking forward to having a really long relationship with a nice guy. I just have to find that guy. I've been with a few but didn't like the way things went. I'm not gonna waste anymore time in a relationship that I'm not happy in. I'm 38 years old already and I've missed all my good gay years!!!!!
What about me??? I work in the emergency services field. I'm 911 operator full time and work part time as an EMT on a few ambulances. I also enjoy volunteering at the fire department and just started scuba diving. I also enjoy skiing, hunting, fishing, bowling, camping, walking outside, the beach, amusement parks, and sex with guys. ALOT!!! Nudity is also fun for me. We have a gay clothing optional campground near me called the woods. (in case you are interested in more info on that.)
I have one regret in life, my dad never knew about my sexuality. He passed away in 2004 and I never got a chance to tell him. I miss him so much. I have very strong family values as that is the way I was raised. Friends come and go, but your family is there for you. I have been blessed with that to be true, and am very thankful for it.
I also enjoy the company of my golden retriever, Ginger. She's the second one that I've had. My dad actually named her although he was gone before I got her. He use to always joke with my nieces when they came to his house about various things. One of the jokes was that when the youngest came in one day, he told her, "watch out for ginger.....we just got a kitten and she's very small. So don't step on her." So I decided to name her Ginger. Thanks dad.
Friends.....I have 2 really, really, really good friends. We were friends before they knew that I was gay. I was extremely nervous to tell them. But.....they are extremely cool with it. Thanks guys!!! you are the greatest!!!! (NO we are not having sex either!!!I'm gay not them.)
Sex.....hmmmmm How much can we talk about on here? I guess you'll have to talk to me in person for that!!!!
bye for now.....i'll try to update later.

August 27, 2005

I've had some really good chats with guys on here. Haven't met anyone in person yet, but I think thats all because of me. While I talk a mean game, I'm actually kinda shy and cautious about meeting a guy online. I've done it a few times, and it always has turned out disasterous. Why can't guys just tell the truth about themselves on here? I do! I don't pretend to be younger, a gym god, or anything else for that matter.
From now on, no meeting without a pic or cam would be better. If you can't put your pic up because you have to be "discreet" then I shouldn't bother with you! I don't run around yelling to the world that I'm gay. But I will tell someone that I feel needs to know if they are brave enough to ask me. Do strait people start a conversation with, "Hi, I'm John Doe and I'm strait"? NO!!!! I don't feel the need to announce my being gay to someone. PERIOD!
If you have to hide your face on here because you are afraid, then I'm afraid I can't meet you, cuz you are already hiding something!
Now then, how is your day going?
SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX! What the hell is it? It's been so long since I've had a nice night with a guy. I was hit on by a girl the other day and I actually thought about it for a minute! Guys!!!! Help me out here!!!! I need a man!!!! crap that sounds desparate! I'm really not.

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