What are the Odds??  

gaurie49 37F
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10/29/2005 1:39 pm

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7/10/2009 1:11 pm

What are the Odds??

Have you ever...

1)...been prepositioned by the same man on two different websites?

2)...been pestered by a mate from school for a night of passion (your mate not knowing your true identity)?

3)...had the same people mailing you to add them onto your network even though they exist on your chat messenger list (but didn't know it...)?

4)...had someone on this website tell you that you remind them of someone..that someone being you?

If you answered in the affirmative to any of the above, write me....so I'll know I have company sailing this one..

LadyFantasy68 49F
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10/29/2005 5:54 pm

1 & 3 yes. Number 2 I would sincerely hope not as went to an all girls school (high school) and do not have an interest in women that way. Good question. I do wonder how many others have had same or similar expreiences.

rm_hotguy8070 34M
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11/1/2005 9:48 am

This has nothing to do with your recent post but i went through all the stuff you've written and you can write!
Some of the humour is a bit macabre but all the same it's a lot more fun reading something like this rather than insipid anecdotes on 'nights of passion' or something....the picture of you helps too.

i'm sorry for the terrible handle but everytgin sexy seemed to be taken so vulgarity was the only option.
I'd rather like to interact a bit more with the intellectual bit of what i presume is a very sexy lady/girl....lemme know....
What are the Odds??

gentleman4you2c 56M

11/15/2005 8:33 pm

1. baby if i can find you on two different websited i will definitely proposition you.
2. what school do you attend so i can enroll.
3. i want to chat with you, network with you, everything with you!
4. no one reminds me of you. if they did i would be after them.
you are so hot and sexy baby!
i want to give you something to blog about honey.
you wont be sorry!

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