Wardrobe Malfunktion??  

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6/3/2006 3:20 am

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Wardrobe Malfunktion??

The recent spate of wardrobe malfunctions on the indian ramps have created quite that scandal needed to place us on the global couture map of the world. Consider Nigar Khan at the recent Cannes film festival. So her boobie slipped from under her corsage...gofugyourself I say!

But these aren't recent occurances. Similar "events" have occured scores of times in the past, but heck, we're none-the-wiser!

Have you realised just how horny Jen An was during the making of L'amis? The woman endured nipple-malfunction for all 10 seasons! Not a day went by when she wasn't 'head-lighting' the lineup. They were so in-your-face. Did the makers think it polite to subject every accountable age-group watching that as 'comic relief'?

Take for instance the advert made by some patriotic Indian film-maker featuring all the athletes of our country. I can't recall her name now, but "swinging coco-nuts" always ensured that I was crimson faced everytime she ran with the Olympic torch in her hand.

They're called 'brassiers' woman - BUY THEM!

Or the innumerable times the local auntieji lets her pallu slip a notch or two, flashing them jauggernauts for everyone from dad to the watchman!

Or even the slut-girlfriend who ensures strap visibility whilst around the pet-squeeze - The

'Geisha' torture!!?

Gimme the rambunctious Catrall anyday!!

Erm...more lesbian sounding than the last...?



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